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100 years of The Tramp and Cinema Ritrovato

On February 7, 1914, for the first time ever, Charlie Chaplin put on the costume of the Tramp in front of the camera.  The Cineteca of Bologna and the Association Chaplin commemorate this important anniversary with three days of events to celebrate what was probably the only production that captured the bleak essence of the 20th century, and which expressed it with a universal language which is light and funny only at first glance.

100 years of the Tramp has begun on Wednesday, June 25 with a cine-concert in Piazza Maggiore: Kid Auto Races at Venice The new arrangement was composed for this occasion by Timothy Brock.  The program will continue with a selection of other comedies with the live accompaniment of the Orchestra of Teatro Comunale in Bologna.


Thursday, June 26, a convention was held to investigate and examine the figure of the "vagabond" according to many different points of view: the 'Chaplinites', who are many in the United States, was discussed as well as the innumerable imitators and lookalikes, and the influence of the Tramp in countries such as the Czech Republic, India, Japan and China.


Among the experts there was David Robinson, official biographer of Charles Chaplin, and Paul Duncan, who revealed some new information which he discovered while doing research for his new book on Charlie Chaplin edited by Taschen (coming out soon), while Lisa Haven brought to Bologna the results of her research on the influence of Chaplin's works on the stars of American counterculture.


In the evening on Thursday and Friday, there will instead be performances: the comic shows of Jos Houben The Art of Laughter and Dan Kamin, Funny Bones, praised in theaters around the world, and a special presentation by the Oscar© Winner Kevin Brownlow on the relationship between Chaplin and the First World War.  There will also be an exhibition looking back at the career and creations of Leo Kouper, the artist who created the first poster for a Chaplin film in 1950, for the new movie "Gold Rush".  Some of this artist's most famous works will be on display as well as the versions that United Artists rejected which have never been seen before.  Leo Kouper will participate in the convention and has also personally contributed to this celebration by designing the poster and logo of the event.


Michael Chaplin will present his latest research on the gypsy origins of his father and David Totheroh, grandson of Chaplin's right hand man Rollie, will discuss his grandfather's work.  Many other directors, writers and movie critics have been invited to participate and tell their tales. (See the detailed program of the event).


The last day of celebrations, Saturday, June 28, coincides with the opening of the festival Il Cinema Ritrovato, an unmissable event for film fans and specialists from around the world, who for eight days can dive into the history of cinema, discover precious rarities in excellent condition thanks to the restorers of the most important archives in the world.  The 28th edition of Cinema Ritrovato will begin on June 28 and will continue until July 5.


Inaugurating the evening on Saturday will be the newly restored (promoted by The Film Foundation of Martin Scorsese and GUCCI) cult classic Rebel Without a Cause by Nicholas Ray, the striking debut of James Dean, star of a realrestoration trilogy (done by Warner Bros): after  Rebel Without a Cause there will also be the new editions of his other two films East of Eden by Elia Kazan and Giant by George Stevens.  A tribute to one of cinema's greatest icons.


The festival will continue with 360 films from 1895 to today (all with subtitles in Italian and English) from morning until night in five showrooms and with evening showings outside in the wonderful Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and in the courtyard of Cineteca in Piazzetta Pasolini.


Eight full and unforgettable days spent with unique viewings to discover the best films and best digital restorers of the most important archives in the world and to reflect on the greatest film figures of history and today.  (See the detailed program of the event).

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