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A Halloween So Great It's Scary! - 2014

Trick or treat?  Halloween is perfect for knocking on doors and inviting everyone, regardless of age, to experience the mystery and magic inside the walls of enchanted castles, with guided candlelight tours, scary games, meetings with ghosts and witches, but also tasty treats, for an exciting experience.



A whole week of events will enliven the nights from October 24 to November 1 in the city of mosaics with the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, the most important event in Italy for horror and fantasy cinema.  The International Feature Film Competition, the heart of this event, will bring this genre's fans the best recent productions from around the world.  This competition, which opens with the special event "Frankestein vs OvO" and ends with “Over Your Dead Body” by the Japanese director Takashi Miike, will be held together with the International Short Film Competition and a series of premieres and initiatives, including the Nightmare Lectures, which are appointments and conferences with great film makers.


The city of Ravenna will also host many other entertaining events dedicated to terror such as guided tours, themed literary meetings, games for kids and special events.  Not to be missed is the Concert for the commemoration of All Souls Day on Saturday, November 1 at the Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo and the concerts on Sunday, November 2 with the Ensemble Delfico in the Teatro Dante Alighieri.


In the Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, Halloween - whether it be medieval, fantastic, horror, or gothic - is truly the party of the year.  Events by night, entertainment, themed dinners, guided candlelight tours and a ghost hunting night will be held in some of the 23 castles, strongholds, fortresses and manors of this area to encourage conviviality and people having fun.  Witch-like black clothes are welcome as are pointy hats, brooms, garlic, magic wands, colored wigs, long white beards if you are wizards, and black or purple nails if you are witches.  And for kids?  Dress them up as little ghosts, orange pumpkins, or famous characters.  And of course you can book a stay inside the ancient walls of the castle to really enjoy all the Halloween festivities until dawn.  From October 25 to November 2.

In Romagna, during the Night before All Saints' Day, before going to bed, it was custom to leave the table set.  Water, wine, bread and oil were left out for the souls of the dead who could return for a visit.  This tradition has been resurrected in Castrocaro Terme, near Forlì, but revisited with a medieval theme.  Even the location is spooky: the castle on a ledge whose ancient walls hold many mysteries.  Will visitors have a close encounter with the souls of those who used to inhabit the castle?  You can find out late at night on October 31, accompanied by the wavering light of hundreds of torches.  At the Enoteca del Castello, transformed for this occasion into the “Tavern of Mysteries”, traditional dishes from the Tuscan-Romagna area will be served so that guests can recuperate after all the thrills and chills.


In Riolo Terme, inland from Ravenna, the big event is Samhain the Celtic new year's. This is an ancient harvest festival, held when people celebrated the land resting and the beginning of the dark season and the long wait for a hopeful new beginning with the arrival of spring.  Some of these rituals are reflected in today's farming culture in this area.  Riolo Terme will celebrate all of this heritage with a historical reenactment of the Celtic era, with parades of good versus evil, fireworks, and a final bonfire, a collective ritual thought to bring good luck to the coming year.  For the first time, also the Romans will participate in this edition with a battle between the Roman legions and the Celtic tribes, and with gladiator games.  October 31.


A big costume party will also be thrown in the lagoon city of Comacchio, for both children and adults.  Obstacle courses full of traps and tricks, fortune telling and thrilling excursions along the canals with Charon are just a few of the events planned for this magical evening along with shows of every kind and also markets, exhibitions, tons of colored balloons, and group dancing from early morning to late at night so that visitors can immerse themselves in this kaleidoscopic atmosphere.  October 31.

In Rimini and nearby areas, Halloween is so fun it's scary: games, entertainment, magic, tarot cards, witches, face painting, music, pumpkins, stories, workshops for adults and kids wrapped in the sumptuous smells of autumn, and parades in the theme parks Fiabilandia and Italia in Miniatura.  Besides the parties and themed events in the clubs and malls, it is also possible to spend a special evening at the City Museum.  October 31 and November 1-2.


All weekend long there will be themed events such as the 5 tunnels of horror also at Mirabilandia, near Ravenna, in which both little kids and adults will have reason to shake.  The surprises continue at the Parco Oltremare in Riccione, where every kid who brings a pumpkin will get in free.


Halloween Festivities

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