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Home A Thrilling Halloween – the events and parties during the night of October 31

A Thrilling Halloween – the events and parties during the night of October 31

We are not joking when we tell you that in Emilia-Romagna on October 31 you will experience a thrilling night taking part to the Halloween events. One of those nights that is hard to forget, a night made up of mystery and terror, shadows and ghosts, whispered tales and passed down legends of blood, monsters and witches.


But it is also the night of "trick or treat?", the night to knock on doors and invite even the smallest children to experience the mystery and magic inside the walls of enchanted castles, guided tours by candlelight, scary games, meetings with the otherworld, but also to enjoy the “treats” and good food of this festival.



The chill begins to run down your back, or better down the Via Emilia, starting from the Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, the nights from October 28 to November 1.

Events of every kind will take over the most beautiful castles in Italy, from guided tours of the rooms to tastings of wines and sweets, from magical effects of illusionism with the mentalist Francesco Busani to the open doors of the 15th century prison in the circular tower of the Manor at the Castle of Scipione of the Pallavicino Marquees, from ghost hunting to the costume parties, from the modern fairytale “The Chocolate Factory” to the haunted houses only for the bravest, from films to dinners.


At the Castle of Rivalta (Pc) you can do a tour of the manor, lit with candles and infested by creepy creatures. You can experience a story with dark gothic shades to it, in which you yourselves, in first person, will be the protagonists. The terror continues in Castell'Arquato (Pc), in the ghost town and the imposing Rocca Viscontea. Do you have the courage to investigate the mystery… and face off with the man called “Jack the Ripper”? At the Castle of Gropparello (Pc), if you survive the "horror" trail between the park and the castle on the night of witches, waiting for you will be a medieval banquet in costume and a buffet dinner with an elegant themed atmosphere. Children can be left free to run around in Grazzano Visconti (Pc), where they will be entertained by scary stories, face painting, ancient games, live folk music, themed entertainment, fire games, the guided tour "Torches and Ghosts" and, lastly, a delicious dinner, obviously in keeping with the theme.



Moving on to Romagna, in the heart of the Po Delta, where ghosts and parades of scary zombies wander along the narrow streets of downtown Comacchio (Fe). Sgarabusen, the spiteful elf who has the job of annoying adults and children all night, will appear again at the foot of the Trepponti with the intent of scaring everyone in a flood of themed music and transformed places. October 28-31.


In Riolo Terme (Ra) on the night of October 31 Samhain is celebrated, the Celtic new year or the ancient festival of the end of the harvest. You will go back to the time of the Celtic era, with traditional foods – whole roasted veal, stews, pork and rivers of wine – parades of good and evil, fires and luminous cascades. The final bonfire, a collective ritual to bring good luck for the new year, will burn an enormous demon in the moat of the Fortress, and will end with spectacular fireworks. But the party continues, for the bravest, until the morning.


All Saints’ Eve will also come inside the walls of the fortress in Castrocaro Terme (Fc). Under the wavering light of hundreds of torches, you will be accompanied around the rooms, courtyards, walkways and secret’s of the Castle on the cliff, looking for mysterious and arcane presences, around the fire, in the company of ghosts of warriors, witches, elves, with spells and curses. Here, even today, the souls of Margherita, Jacopa, Claradia, Bonifacio, Achille and Apollonia still wander... if you can befriend them, you can get to the "Tavern of Mysteries" and enjoy the traditional dishes of Tuscan Romagna.


Only the bravest will make it to Saludecio (Rn) where four original 19th century events await, each one different in its tradition and characteristics (physical, symbolic, productive, and food and wine) taking place in castles, palaces, architecture, landscapes and locations around this area worth getting to know and appreciate. From October 31 to November 12.


An exceptional location is the amusement parks of the Riviera, where fun is guaranteed by amazing deals.

Mirabilandia gives us an unmissable party with guaranteed fun among attractions and music until 1 in the morning!

Shows and parades will dominate unchallenged on October 31 also in the mysterious kingdom of Fiabilandia; you can go into the dark pathway  of the of the Aquarium of Cattolica and those wearing a costume get in free!; at Oltremare, instead, you can celebrate from October 15 to November 1 and also here you get in free if you wear a costume, a chance that should not be missed by those who want to participate in the parade in the lagoon!


Experience the thrill of Halloween in Emilia Romagna



Discover all the events on schedule in Emilia Romagna on the weekend from October 28 to November 1.


Last modified Oct 23, 2017

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