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Indiana Park - Fratta Terme (FC)

Indiana Park with its 11 courses, 100 passageways and 3 km of excitement is the biggest adventure park in Romagna!


From Easter to October, this park welcomes visitors with aerial trails and acrobatic itineraries, traveling through the trees at varying heights, on ropes, nets, walkways, cables, bridges and many other imaginative instruments offering visitors an amazing experience in close contact with nature, but always in complete safety.



Visitors will proceed along an aerial course that goes from one tree to another with “ateliers”, different installations of increasing difficulty, after having put on a harness, helmet, pulley, gloves and spring clips, which are supplied by the operators together with technical and practical instructions.

There are three different types of courses available: the Baby and Baby Marines for children under 1.1 meters tall (ages 2 to 4), the Light Blue, Yellow and Orange routes for children between 1.1 and 1.3 meters tall, and finally, for kids and adults, the Green1, Green2, Blue, Purple, Red and Black courses.

Among the various challenges in reaching the end of a course, you will find zip lines, Tibetan rope bridges, log bridges, walkways, and vertical and hanging nets.

The recreational offerings are enhanced by a large Outdoor Park with many activities and about 14.83 acres of land. A big attraction is also the 13 meter tall climbing tower with a Powerfan at the top, which allows you to jump into nothingness from 10 meters up. In front of the tower a new giant swing awaits you with three seats for a flight into nothingness with maxi oscillations.

The SoftAir is a recreational didactic team activity where strategies are blended with simulations of military tactics.  Inside the area dedicated to SoftAir three types of games are held: Dynamic Target Practice (while moving), Sniper (target practice) and Combat (team battles), using safety equipment and electric toy weapons.

During the months of June, July and August, the swimming pools are open with a big pool and a little one, and a large area for sunbathing where you can relax for the day. There are also two different places to eat at this park, one at the park and one at the pool, and a welcoming picnic area.

Also in the months of June and July there is the Indiana Campus, the new and innovative summer camp for kids ages 4 to 14.  In a large green area inside the Fratta Natural Springs Park, many sports can be played (swimming, soccer, adventure courses, climbing, beach volleyball) as well as recreational educational activities with labs on expression and manipulation. Also, summer homework will be done.

Indianapark with all of its various facilities is the ideal place for groups to come and for celebrating birthdays, bachelorette or bachelor parties, or for hosting company team building events.

Admission to the park is free. Dogs are allowed if they are on a leash. The parking lot across from Indianapark also has a rest stop area for campers.

Indiana Park, the place to share lots of excitement.

How to get here

Indiana Park Terme della Fratta is in the heart of Romagna, between Forlí (10 km) and Cesena (11 km), and about 25 km from the Adriatic Riviera (Cervia, Milano Marittima, Cesenatico).  It can be easily reached by car by taking the A14 highway (exit at Forlí if coming from the north, Cesena if coming from the south) or by taking the E45 Orte-Ravenna highway.



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Last modified Jun 28, 2017

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