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Skypark Parco Avventura - Perticara di Novafeltria (RN)

Skypark, just inland from the Adriatic Riviera, from April to November 1, offers 1 kilometer of adventure divided into 16 different routes with more than 100 passageways placed at various heights with the help of creepers, nets, cables, climbing walls, bridges and walkways.  Here you can experience great excitement while respecting nature in a day outdoors among the trees of the beautiful Monte Aquilone forest, in the heart of Montefeltro, the best area for doing outdoor sports.

Created in 2005, every year the park expands and renovates by offering something new for kids and adults alike. 2013 offers the Sky Jump, a true adrenaline rush which will challenge even the toughest visitors!


The area for kids has a Mini course for small children, ages 2 to 5, where they can have fun on different balancing games and a cableway just for them.  Admission to the park is free.  The Yellow, Orange, and Brown courses are made for children over 100 cm tall; together with the Mini course they make this the biggest and most fun area for kids on the Riviera.

The Green, Green Plus, and Blue courses, easy to medium difficulty levels, can be done by adults as a warm up and by children more than 130 cm tall. 

But the Park satisfies the needs of also the biggest daredevils.  For those more than 140 cm tall, it is possible to take on the Blue Plus course as well as the Red and Red Plus; the very difficult Black at 16 meters above the ground will test even the bravest visitors.


There are also climbing walls.  Built exclusively for the Skypark by experts of the sector, there are walls of varying levels of difficulty and height, for children and adults, where you can do exciting climbs without any additional costs. With the Sky-Jump anyone over age 12 can experience the incredible emotion of jumping and free falling from 12 meters up.


The experience of the highly specialized staff built up over the years guarantees safety and fun for everyone.  The instructors will make you wear suitable equipment – harness, ropes with spring clips and pulleys, helmet – then after the instruction phase and the practice courses (there are three inside the Park) they will be available for advice and help. The use of innovative intelligent “Sky-Clik” clips and the continuous lifeline “Filo dArianna” makes these activities completely safe.


Skypark is up to the European code UNI EN 15567-2008 standards for adventure parks in its design, construction, maintenance and management. Built with the utmost respect for the trees, using just wood, ropes and the necessary steel cables for safety, these courses are so well integrated into the nature surrounding them that they almost seem to be part of the woods, which reveals itself as you go along with amazing views.

The “Master Tree” takes care of educational activities inside the park with the intention of educating and informing people about living in harmony with and respecting the environment.  There are various activities: astronomy labs with recycled materials, observing the sky with your eyes or a telescope, educational classes about biodiversity and environmental education, as well as guided hikes into the woods with readings of short stories or fairy tales.

Admission to the park and use of its structures is free, there is only a charge to go on the courses.  Skypark is therefore an ideal destination to spend a day in an out of the ordinary way, just 45 kilometers from the Riviera, immersed in nature, organizing a picnic or eating at the Skybar which offers very good handmade “piadina” sandwiches and typical local products.

Campers can spend the night in the square at the entrance to the park, and there is no better way to enjoy the star studded sky of Aquilone Mountain and the breathtaking view of the coast after a long day of fun.


How to get there

Skypark is easy to get to; it is located in the heart of Montefeltro in the mountains which can be reached by taking the E45 highway or the Valmarecchia just a few kilometers from Rimini and the Romagna Riviera.


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Last modified May 18, 2016

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