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Ski Complex in Cimone

The largest ski center in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines offers 50 km of slopes and a unique electronic ski-pass, 26 slopes which are all connected to one another, ski walking, 21 very modern lifts including a 6-seater ski-lift. And of course there are the snowboarding parks,  kids' parks, and artificial snow. The resort gets its name from the highest mountain in the northern Apennines: Cimone, 2165 m high. At its foot there are the towns of Montecreto, Fanano, Riolunato and Sestola.


New in 2013-2014.  At the Snowboarding Park in Cimone, enthusiasts will find many new additions.  New acrobatic areas specifically made for beginner and experts in the Jump area near the chill-out area.  As for rails, there is everything from classic tubes to steel boxes, as well as a triple tube.  And many other challenges such as the caterpillar wheel.  In the Easy area there are small jumps for beginners, while in the Jump Zone there are medium to big jumps.  At Cimone you can also do snow-cross, meaning you ride a type of bike that instead of wheels has a snowboard.  This season at Cimone there are four snow-cross trails, thanks to the creation of a new path in the town of Pian del Falco, which has its own lift with the same name.  On Mount Cimone you can also “sail” with snow-kites or dive into the woods on the two cross-country ski tracks not to mention with snowshoes or on horseback.


Deals in 2013-2014.  The deal “Voglia di neve” (Wishing for Snow) starts at 135 euros per person for 2 days and three nights (from January 10 to March 3, 2014), and a 2 day ski pass.  A ski pass on weekdays costs 26 euros while on holidays and weekends it costs 33 euros.  There are many different deals, such as point system cards and reduced price ski passes for groups.  (All the deals at: and


Not just skiing.  Cimone has become the capital of adventure sports in the snow.  Besides the areas set up for snowboarding, visitors can also try out kite skiing where you get pulled along at 50-70 km per hour by a kite, (, paragliding or digital scooping where you can photograph the animals in the Regional Park.  Or you can go for a walk anytime in the woods with snowshoes or on horseback, or take a nighttime snowmobile ride.  Cimone is also the kid capital thanks to its four children's parks.  Nearby are the cross-country skiing tracks in the natural settings of Lago della Ninfa (5km), Cimoncino (5km) and Polle (2km).


For tourist information:
Modena Apennines Office


Cimone - Foto: Roberto Leoni

Last modified Nov 21, 2014

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