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Pievepelago and Sant'Annapelago

You can ski in this little town under the stars thanks to the cross-country tracks with lighting that wind through the village.

But there are also 8 km of downhill slopes (two lifts, one T-bar and one chair lifts) for athletes of all levels, and a snowboard park for those who love snowboarding. PievepelagoThis is the snapshot of Sant’Annapelago, near Pievepelago, the ideal destination for those who want to combine sports in a natural setting with the tranquility and relaxation of a snowy vacation, away from the crowds, with particularly competitive prices when compared to other resorts.

The entrance to the slopes is just a few hundred meters from the hotels of S.Annapelago and can therefore easily be reached by foot.  Ski and ski boot rentals are available on site. In the town there are 4 hotels, 2 ski/equipment rental places, a post office, etc. There is also a Ski School which teaches both downhill and cross-country skiing.


The biggest attraction of this resort are the numerous snowshoeing itineraries in the Parco del Frignano with, 15,000 hectars of land overlooked by Monte Cimone (2165m).


To combine sports with a love of nature and fun, there will be many excursions also in the areas of Santo Lake near Modena and to the Roccapelago Museum where mummies of international interest are kept.

Also very innovative is the Nordic ski area in the middle of town.  This is a 3 km track with a 1.5 km ring that has artificial snow and is lit up at night for nocturnal skiing.

For alpine skiing, there is a new lodge between the Poggio Scorzatello lift and the Lagacciola lift, where it is possible to take a break from skiing and enjoy local food typical of this Tuscan-Emilian area.

The snowboarding park is next to the lodge and includes 3 lines of boxes and rails for beginners, amateurs and experts, and 2 lines of jumps.  In town you can rent both boots and other equipment.

Price. Sant’Annapelago will once again pay close attention to prices this year, which are highly competitive: for example holidays at €25 and workdays at €15. Single run: €3.50; Nordic skiing: day pass €7; afternoon pass €5; seasonal pass €70.


Events. Among the events on schedule this season, one that stands out is the “Mascherata” for the Epiphany. Then there are many snowshoe outings and in the afternoon and evening at the lodge there is entertainment.



For tourist information:
Modena Apennines Office

Last modified Nov 29, 2017

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