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Skiing in the Apennines

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File sciare-in-appennino-en.kml File
Skiing, events, snowshoeing and fun at the 15 winter resorts in Emilia Romagna Page
Image Penice Image
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Passo Penice (PC) Page
Schia (PR) Page
Image Ski resort Schia (PR) Image
Image Ski resort Prato Spilla (PR) Image
Prato Spilla (PR) Page
Image Ski resort Cerreto Laghi (RE) Image
Cerreto Laghi (RE) Page
Febbio (RE) Page
Image Ski resort Ventasso Laghi Image
Ventasso Laghi (RE) Page
Image Ski resort Cimone Image
Image Kite surf Cimone Image
Ski Complex in Cimone Page
Image Ski resort Frassinoro - Piandelagotti Image
Frassinoro - Piandelagotti (MO) Page
Image Ski resort Pievepelago and Sant'Annapelago Image
Pievepelago and Sant'Annapelago Page
Piane di Mocogno (MO) Page
Image Ski resort Fiumalbo Image
Fiumalbo (MO) Page
Image Ski resort Corno alle Scale Image
Corno alle Scale (BO) Page
Image Ski resort Fumaiolo Image
Fumaiolo (FC) Page
Image Ski resort Campigna Image
Campigna (FC) Page
Image Cimone - Foto: Roberto Leoni Image
Image Cimone - Foto: Roberto Leoni Image
Image Cerreto Image
Image Febbio Image
Image Ventasso Image
Image Piandelagotti Image
Image Pievepelago Image
Image Piane di Mocogno Image
Image Fiumalbo Image
Image Snowpark Corno alle Scale Image
Image Snowshoeing in Campigna Image
Image Monte Fumaiolo Image
Image copy_of_ventasso.jpg Image
Pratizzano (RE) Page
Image Pratizzano Image
Image Skiing in the Appennines small JPG Image
Image Skiing in the Appennines 2 small JPG Image
Image Skiing in the Appennines 3 small JPG Image
Image Skiing in the Appennines 4 small JPG Image
Image skiing appennines 2 small JPG Image
Image Snow Appennines JPG Image
Image Snow Appennines 2 JPG Image
Image scicornoallescalesmall.jpg Image
Image scicimonesmall.jpg Image
Image scicerretolaghismall.jpg Image
Image passopenice.jpg Image
Image scischia.png Image
Image pratospilla.jpg Image
Image ventassolaghi.jpg Image
Image MonteFumaiolo.jpg Image
Image cornoallescale15.JPG Image
Image cimone2.jpg Image
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