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Slow Spring 2016

Thanks to the important recognition obtained last June 2015 by the Po Delta as an International Reserve Biosphere – MAB UNESCO, the entire area of the Po Delta between Veneto and Emilia-Romagna is, for the first time, the star of Slow Spring 2016: initiatives, projects and events to discover the Delta from every angle, discovering its landscapes, smells, sounds and colors.

From March 19 to June 26 nature enthusiasts will only have to choose among the many events on schedule for both adults and children: excursions on foot, by bike and by boat, horseback riding, learning labs, guided tours, sports events and much, much more. All of this in a land to be explored: from Rosolina to Goro, from Mesola to Comacchio, from Ravenna to Cervia, and from the coast to the inland to discover the Marshes of Argenta, the Oasis of Bando, the Ostellato wetlands and the towns in the Romagna plains.

There will also be many events for those who love birdwatching, who can see and photograph the many species present here, and for those who love food there will be the chance to taste the typical local products. Thanks to labs designed for kids of all ages, it will be possible to get to know the flora and the fauna of the Delta in a fun and educational way.

Acting as a framework to this main initiative will be many special events starting with the weekend of Slow Easter on March 25, 26, 27 and 28, which offers the chance to experience an Easter holiday dedicated to slow tourism in nature with excursions, cultural initiatives and learning labs for kids in some of the most interesting natural sites of the Park.

The main event of Slow Spring will be the 5th edition of the International Fair of Birdwatching and of Nature Tourism in Comacchio, from April 29 to May 1: three days completely dedicated to the varied world of birdwatching and of nature photography with exhibitions, photography workshops, labs and excursions. The big news will be the birdwatching/photography competition in pairs of photographers and birdwatchers created with the collaboration of a special testimonial, Menotti Passarella, winner of the second Italian Birdwatching Championships, named Big Year, announced by the association EBN (European Birdwatching Network, Italian section). Also returning to the Delta is Francesco Petretti who will host the third edition of the Laboratory of Nature Documentaries in the lovely location of the Salt Pan of Comacchio. Water will be the star of the labs and workshop held in collaboration with the C.A.D.F – Consorzio Acque del Delta (Water Consortium of the Delta) and the international photography competition “Fresh water, salt water”.

Also this year the fair will be accompanied by the events of the Photofestival di Asferico - AFNI: films, workshops and exhibitions will enliven the rooms of Palazzo Bellini in Comacchio, just a short distance from the fairgrounds. There will also be a full program of photography in collaboration with expert and amateur photographers, as well as the leading companies in photography who will participate in the fair by providing the public with equipment to test out directly in the marshes.

There will also be lots of chances for Slow excursions in the zones just north of the park in Veneto and all the way down to Cervia, on the southern border.

Among these, “Bike & boat along the Po of Gorowhich is an excursion by bike along the banks of the Po in Goro which ends with a boat ride up to the mouth of the river. Getting off and passing through Mesola one must visit the WoodsOn the tracks of the deer and also cross through the Inlet of Goro with a journey by boat to discover the river mouth. Comacchio awaits you for a lovely bike ride in the salt pan to see the splendid pink flamingos. Those who go down to Ravenna can discover the archeological area of Classe and nearby areas and, why not, end the day with a sunset walk in the salt pans of Cervia.

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Last modified Mar 07, 2016

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