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Walking in the wi-fi chestnut groves

Summer has, by now, gone by, but you can always take advantage of the autumn weather and keep up outdoor activities in the woods before winter comes. In this season, our Apennines, with numerous chestnut groves, are really beautiful; full of fresh air, and good, sweet smells, nature is at its best with an explosion of colors and local forest products.


Besides providing delicious delicacies, these chestnut groves are also a testimony to the history and traditions of these mountains, and they have been a part of civilization for many, many years.  Before the arrival of the potato, imported from America, the chestnut was the most important nutritional product in many areas of Europe and, in particular, in the Apennines. Flour made from chestnuts was the basis for many food products all throughout the year, so much so that the chestnut tree earned the nickname of "Bread Tree".



Many traditions, techniques and practices have built up around the chestnut groves and their nuts, so much so that there is a true “Chestnut Civilization” which has continued since the second half of the last century. Even if getting to know the chestnut groves is a way to study the culture and history of the Apennines and its people, it is certainly not old-fashioned, and today some chestnut groves even have wi-fi!


Thanks to a recent development project, on the Apennines near Reggio Emilia, internet is free and available in many areas of the chestnut groves. So internet addicts can enjoy the landscape while surfing the web under golden leaves.


The chestnut groves in question are those of Marola (Municipal of Carpineti), Sologno (Municipal of Villa Minozzo), Cecciola (Municipal of Ramiseto) and Cerreto Alpi (Municipal of Collagna).


In Marola, one can also visit the beautiful building where in the past chestnuts were dried, which has recently been restored. Upon request, guided tours of this building and the surrounding chestnut grove can be arranged along with gathering chestnuts. (Information and reservations: Ideanatura - 339.2943736).


So: tastes, traditions, festivals, folklore and a connection to the world at large for experiencing autumn best!

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Last modified Oct 24, 2011

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