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Art exhibitions in Emilia Romagna

Art exhibitions in Emilia Romagna

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from never before displayed paintings to great masterpieces of art history, from classic influences to contemporary experiments, the artistic patrimony on display in Emilia Romagna is truly vast both in small towns and big cities of art. Museums and historic buildings will open their doors to take you on a trip in which human genius finds its pinnacle of expression.


From the packed calendar of exhibitions around the region, here we offer an overview of those that should not be missed.


Bologna could not wait for us to arrive to take us to MAMbo, the museum of modern art, to discover the masterpieces from the Russian state museum of Saint Petersburg with  "Revolutija. From Chagall to Malevich, from Repin to Kandisky". With 70 works this exhibition focuses on the second decade of the last century, a fertile era for Russian art.



In Modena this year there are many interesting exhibitions being hosted in the city: from April 7 until June 3 at the Mata ex tobacco factory, we discover the photography exhibition dedicated to "Sharon Lockhart". The tale of everyday life that would go unnoticed without the watchful eye of this artist, with people, spaces and events capable of describing the authenticity of the reality that surrounds us.


At the Civic Gallery we find "A cosa serve l'Utopia" (What good is Utopia), a collective exhibition that through the works of several internationally known artists takes us through revolutions and changes, utopias, with photos and videos from the '70s to today.


A stop at the Foro Boario in Modena is a must for those who want to get to know the history of this city. "Mutina Splendidissima", which is being held as part of the program of the same name dedicated to the celebrations of the 2200 years since the founding of the city of Modena, will display artifacts and works of art, along with prized pieces from many Italian museums, with virtual reconstructions of the monuments of Mutina and interesting video information. From November 25 to April 8.


Forlì awaits us at its Musei San Domenico with "The eternal and the time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio" the exhibition dedicated to the historical period between the end of the Renaissance and the advent of the Baroque period. You can admire the works of the main pictorial exponents of the historical period, such as Raphael, Rosso Fiorentino, Lorenzo Lotto, Pontormo, Sebastiano del Piombo, Correggio, Bronzino, Vasari, Parmigianino, Daniele da Volterra, El Greco, Carracci, Barocci, Veronese, Titian , Zuccari, Reni and Rubens. 10 February - 17 June. 2018.



Moving to the MEIS in Ferrara where "Jews, an Italian story. The first one thousand years" reveals how Italian history, culture and identity developed also thanks to the Jews, who have been present here on the peninsula for more than two thousand years. The exhibition will take you through history with a multimedia show and more than 200 prized objects. December 14 to September 16, 2018.


Also in Ferrara, in the rooms of the Este Castle, we can find more than 100 works from the Cavallini-Sgarbi collection. Paintings and sculptures tell of an unequaled cultural effort, for a Ferrara family who has dedicated all of its energy to art. From February 3 to June 3.


Palazzo dei Diamanti from March 3 to June 10 will host "Stati d'animo. Arte e psiche tra Previati e Boccioni" (“Emotions. Art and psyche from Previati to Boccioni). The end of the 1800s in a themed exhibition with light and shadow, of the emotions of European artists and their immortal works. Carrà, De Chirico, Boccioni, Previati, Balla, and Rosso are some of the names present.



Not far from Ferrara, we stop in Cento. In the year in which the 350th anniversary of his death is commemorated, 4 years after the earthquake of 2012, during which time his paintings have been on display in the most important museums in the world, from Europe to Japan, finally, il Guercino comes home to the Pinacoteca "San Lorenzo". The 12 works are on display in the 18th century church of San Lorenzo, an architectonic gem that is now the new museum dedicated to the most illustrious local citizen of this little Ferrara town.


Also in Romagna and more precisely in Ravenna we can discover "Licalbe Steiner, at the origins of Italian graphic design". The museum of art of the city (MAR) brings to light one of the most interesting collaborations in Italy in the graphic design field, that of Lica and Albe Steiner. Have you every asked yourself how the Coop logo was created? February 24 - April 2.




Check out all the shows in Emilia Romagna.

Last modified Apr 20, 2018

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