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Art exhibitions in Emilia Romagna

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from never before displayed paintings to great masterpieces of art history, from classic influences to contemporary experiments, the artistic patrimony on display in Emilia Romagna is truly vast both in small towns and big cities of art. Museums and historic buildings will open their doors to take you on a trip in which human genius finds its pinnacle of expression.


From the packed calendar of exhibitions around the region, here we offer an overview of those that should not be missed.


Our virtual itinerary through the world of art starts in the north, where Parma welcomes us with the futurism of "Depero the wizard". More than one hundred works including paintings,  his famous felt cut outs, collages, drawings, clothes, furniture and advertising projects give us back the work of Fortunato Depero, the genius behind an innovative esthetic that brings together many artistic disciplines, from painting to sculpture, from architecture to design to theater. Until July 2. Also in the same city, food is the star of "Archeology and nutrition as the inheritance of Roman Parma". For the occasion of the 2200 years since the founding of Parma, this exhibition shows us how deep the local food roots go into the far-off past which is somehow still so close and as relevant as ever as Parma has become a Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy.  You will experience the atmosphere of this era as you go through the interactive exhibition with sounds, sensorial and tactile displays, and an educational video, and as you take part in side events and guided tours. Until July 16.



The first stop in Reggio Emilia will be at the Palazzo dei Musei, where we will see "Tutto quadra": more than 600 square meters of works with a time range that goes from 1929, the inaugural date of the Pinacoteca Fontanesi inside the building, to today (until August 31).

Until July 9 Reggio Emilia will host European Photography. This annual date with photography from all over Europe is now in its 12th edition and will offer a full program not only of exhibitions but also of workshops, meetings and shows for a total of more than 200 events. This edition will push us to reflect on memory, archives, and the future and to develop these ideas based on current events.


Not far from Reggio Emilia, in Gualtieri there will be "Obsession with stares". 50 works by Antonio Ligabue (1899-1965) and 120 works by Cesare Zavattini (1902-1989), alongside an in-depth and wide ranging documentary collection of both, will tell us the story of two of the greatest Italian artists of the 1900s, both from the Bassa Reggiana and men of the Po and both artistic geniuses whose differences become similarities. Until November 12.



The journey along the Via Emilia towards the southeast has us stopping in Modena at the Official Exhibition of Vasco Rossi. More than an exhibition, this show is a panoramic look at the life of this great Modena artist, his hit songs and his legendary live exhibitions, and at the exclusive “real time” images of the preparation of the big event in Modena Park on July 1. There are more than 500 photos and more than 20 hours of videos of concerts and rare and unseen films, as well as manuscripts and signed songs, platinum records received over the years, notes for articles by Vasco for the magazine Il Blasco, and costumes. You can relive Vasco’s career alongside him through 3D films and the virtual backstage of concerts and a recording studio during the creation of his songs. Until July 3 .

In Modena you can not only relive the long story of a great artist but also that of a brand which has become famous around the world: Ferrari and its 70 years of life. "Driving with the stars" is the title of this expo that will guide you through the moments in which the life of an extraordinary person and the equally special history of Ferrari crossed, transforming into an eternal dream or lasting only an “action!” or a single scene on a film set. Among the cars on display, you can admire the first Ferrari ever shown in a car dealership, the 166 MM, but also the models that belonged to royal families and even the exclusive LaFerrari Aperta, the perfect icon of the House of Maranello. Until February 18, 2018.



Moving into the heart of Bologna we will find "Mirò! Sogno e colore" (Mirò! Dream and color), in the rooms of Palazzo Albergati. This Spanish artist will be represented by more than 130 works including oil paintings, drawings and sculptures which speak in a universal, unique and personal artistic language. Until September 17.


After its success in Australia, the United States, and Russia and after having stopped in Rome, this great multimedia exhibition dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh will also come to Bologna. This show is a real multi-sensorial experience that offers the chance to go inside the works of this Dutch painter. Synchronized with a strong soundtrack, more than 3000 images of large dimensions will create an electrifying exhibition that will fill huge screens, walls, and columns from floor to ceiling, completely immersing visitors in the vibrant colors and intense details that characterize the style of Van Gogh. Until July 30.



Moving to Ferrara, the Estense Castle and the Ferrara masterpieces of modern art at “Art for art. From Previati to Mentessi, from Boldini to De Pisis must absolutely be visited. A new show of works by Giovanni Boldini, Gaetano Previati, Giuseppe Mentessi and other artists active between the 19th and 20th century will be on display alongside the show dedicated to Filippo De Pisis. The show "Freedom of art. Between truth and imagination" leads visitors along a journey among various movements that, at the end of the 19th century, were competing to renew conventional art expressions: from the poetry of realism to the art of ideas, from the macchiaioli to divisionism, from depicting modern life to the decorative details of Liberty. The show continues with a selection of works by Filippo De Pisis, active on the Italian and Paris scenes starting in the 1920s. Until December 27.



Not far from Ferrara, we will stop in Cento. In the year in which we commemorate the 350th anniversary of his death, four years after the earthquake in 2012 during which his paintings were displayed in the most important museums of the world, from Europe to Japan, finally Guercino will come home to the "San Lorenzo" Pinacoteca. The 12 works are on display in the 17th century church of San Lorenzo, an architectonic masterpiece that is now the new museum dedicated to the most illustrious citizen of this small town near Ferrara.


Forlì will take us into the Saint Domenic Museums, where we are welcomed by "Art Deco. The Roaring Twenties in Italy". Art Deco refers to the years after the Great War, characterized by an eclectic, worldly, international lifestyle dedicated to the pleasure of living put forth by the European bourgeois. This style influenced decorative arts on many levels throughout the 1920s and into the early 1930s. This phenomenon took all of Italy by storm, between 1919 and 1929, and flourished in the form of high quality craftsmanship and early industrialism products and contributed to the birth of Italian design and the prestige of Made in Italy. Until June 18.



Moving on to Faenza with the "Ceramiche Decò. Il Gusto di un'epoca" (Deco Ceramics. The taste of an era). Here, right inside the International Museum of Ceramics, an international style is presented through ceramics but also graphic works, glass and metals. The focus is on noted local artists who are also internationally known, such as Domenico Rambelli, Francesco Nonni, Pietro Melandri, Riccardo Gatti, Giovanni Guerrini, just to name a few, with works from a period ranging from 1920 to 1935. Until October 1st.



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