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Festival Internazionale dell'Ocarina

This event has ended

Ninth edition of the festival dedicated to the wind instrument created in Budrio

Town center - piazza Filopanti

Torri dell'acqua - via Benni 1

Budrio (BO)

An international happening dedicated to the Ocarina takes place every two years in Budrio, birthplace of this popular wind instrument and meeting point for ocarina enthusiasts, musicians and makers from all over the world.

During the Festival, Budrio becomes, indeed, the capital of a small population of artists and passionate followers of the ocarina who every two years complete a kind of pilgrimage to see the land of the origin of the ocarina, to meet ocarina players from other parts of the world, but above all to play the ocarina together.

The festival is home to a series of concerts, street music, exhibitions, folk dancing and much more. Along the streets of Budrio many stalls display and sell ocarinas and whistles from everywhere.

The official preview of the 2017 Festival will be the jazz concert (with ocarina) that will take place on Wednesday, April 26 in Bologna.

The ocarina is a popular musical wind-instrument in terracotta, made in various dimensions capable of playing concertos in various tonalities. It is precisely a fipple flute, meaning it has a duct that directs air onto the edge producing a distinct sound. The instrument resembles a little beheaded goose, that's the reason for the name "ocarina", derived from the Bolognese dialect word "ucareina".

People can learn more about the history of the ocarina by visiting the "Museum of the ocarina and terracotta musical instruments" of Budrio, with hundreds of ocarinas, musical instruments, worktools, photographs, discs, scores and documents about local ocarina bands on display.

Date: the event will be held from Apr 27, 2017 to May 01, 2017 - it will also be held on Apr 26, 2017

Event timetable: timetable in detail on the event website


9.30pm, Bologna, Cantina Bentivoglio (via Mascarella 4/b) Jazz Concert: Satoshi Osawa Quartet (Japan)

10.00am-1.00pm; 2.00pm-5.00pm, Sala S (via Garibaldi 39, Budrio): An Ocarina workshop for visiting musicians from all over the world with the aim to form a group which will perform during the festival. Info and enrolment:
8.30pm, Consorziale Theatre (via Garibaldi 35) Ocarinando, IX Rassegna di musica per Ocarina. The ocarina in school: young pupils from the ocarina schools (Italy, China)

9.30am-12.00pm, Consorziale Theatre (via Garibaldi 35) “Ocarinando”, IX Edition of music for Ocarina. The ocarina in school: young pupils from the ocarina schools (Italy, China)
5.00pm, The Water Towers (via Benni 1) Concert
9.00pm, Consorziale Theatre (via Garibaldi 35) Ocarina jazz and pop

11.00am, South-East Tower (corner via Benni and via Verdi) Presentation of the new statue dedicated to the ocarina made by the classes of the Fedora Servetti Donati Primary School during workshops held by Lorenza Mignoli
10.00am- 1.00pm, Sala S (via Garibaldi 39) Masterclass held by Giorgio Pacchioni on multi chamber ocarinas
2.30pm, Ocarina Museum (via Garibaldi 35) Guided Tour of the museum with Fabio Galliani
3.30pm, Water Towers (via Benni 1) Concert
4.30pm, Water Towers (via Benni 1) Ocarina Lullabies: “Ocarina Ensemble Budrio”, concert for the very young
5.30pm, Sant’Agata Church (via Marconi) Concert
9.00pm, Consorziale Theatre (via Garibaldi 35) Classic Ocarina: Riko Kobayashi duo, Giorgio Pacchioni, Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese and Violinist Marco Fornaciari

9.30am, Bologna (The Portici of San Luca) San Luca Ocarina Walk Ocarina groups, solo musicians and ocarina makers from all over the world will accompany the public on their walk under the porticoes up to the sanctuary on the hill passing by the 15 stations of the Mystery of the Rosary
5.30pm, Filopanti Square (Budrio) Folk and Ocarina Music: Osteria del Mandolino e Tonpfif Ensemble
9.00pm, Accademia dei Notturni (via Armiggia 42 Bagnarola di Budrio) Concert

10.30am, Sant’Agata Church (via Marconi) Concert

Entrance: free entry

Information and Booking Centre

Ufficio Relazioni con il pubblico of Budrio
Piazza Filopanti, 11 - Phone: ++39 051 6928210 - Fax: ++39 051 808106
Weekday timetable:

Monday to Friday 8am - 1pm Saturday 8 - 11.30am

Weekend timetable:


By Pianura Bolognese editorial staff (Apr 04, 2017)

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