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Conferences, Convention and Seminars

Cesenatico (FC)
This genre literature festival, which will be attended by some masters of the detective novel.
Jul 25, 2019, Jul 26, 2019, Jul 27, 2019 and Jul 28, 2019

Folklore and Festivals

Gatteo (FC)
A party for dance enthusiasts - 14th and 15th edition
Jun 20, 2019 and Aug 29, 2019
Gatteo a Mare (FC)
Cat festival - 25th edition
from Jul 14, 2019 to Jul 20, 2019
Cesenatico (FC)
Garibaldi Festival: Traditional Commemoration in Honour of the Italian Hero
Aug 03, 2019 and Aug 04, 2019
Cesenatico (FC)
Fish tasting cooked by the fishermen of Cesenatico
Aug 14, 2019

Multiple Events

Gatteo a Mare (FC)
The unmissable events of the 'biggest resort in the world'
from May 26, 2019 to Sep 14, 2019

Sports and Games

Cesenatico (FC)
Games for everyone in the historic center
from Jun 13, 2019 to Sep 05, 2019
Cesenatico (FC)
Greasy pole race
from Jul 20, 2019 to Jul 20, 2019 and Jul 20, 2019
Cesenatico (FC)
6th edition of this competition
from Sep 07, 2019 to Sep 08, 2019

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