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The “European Green Night of Forlì”

Town centre, squares and main streets

Forlì (FC)

First edition of the “European Green Night of Forlì”, a special event aimed at raising awareness among citizens on energy, environment and sustainable development by encouraging them to live in their territory with an environmentally smart lifestyle.

The event is inspired by the message sent during the 2011 edition of the Green Week in Brussels: "Use less and live better".

Namely the “European Green Night of Forlì” aims to present projects and proposals to improve the territory, among which the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) approved by the Municipality of Forlì within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors and promoted by the EU with the following goals: reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2012, disseminating knowledge on sustainable energy sources and the relationship between energy, CO2 emissions and the environment, involving citizens, businesses, schools and associations in an active participatory process.

During the night between May 5 and May 6, debates and workshops, project and product presentations, art and sports performances, tasting of organic food and “km 0” products (locally produced) will be organized. All initiatives are intended to investigate the best sustainable experiences, clean technologies, alternative energy sources, sustainable mobility and waste management, bio-architecture and design, smart city, agriculture and landscape.

Among plenty of events, worth noticing are the following: seminars and conferences will be held in Piazzetta della Misura, project exhibitions in Piazza XX Settembre, a test area for electric vehicles in Largo De Calboli, a market of environmentally-friendly products and photography exhibition in Piazza Morgagni, Luca Pagliari’s show and a Concert of Conductor Marco Sabiu in Piazza Saffi, urban kitchen gardens and travelling live concerts in Corso Diaz, installations, focus groups, guided tours of Campostrino, installations, book presentations and debates in Corso della Repubblica, games, sports activities and organic food for an afternoon snack in via delle Torri, use of unlet shops, artists’ performances, workshops and laboratories in Via Regnoli and the town centre. Museums, exhibitions and libraries will be exceptionally open.

A concert at 6:00am will close the event, with organic products-based breakfast in Piazza Saffi.

Zero-impact is the key feature of all events: zero emissions and zero waste. They will take place at the same time as the European blue night initiatives held in the town centre. For the occasion, most of the centre from Corso della Repubblica, including the university area, Via delle Torri and Corso Garibaldi up to the access to Piazza del Duomo will be pedestrianised.

Date: the event will be held on May 05, 2012, May 06, 2012

Event timetable: From 4:00pm of May 5th to 8:00am of Sunday May 6th


Focusing on culture and scientific dissemination, the event programme envisages the participation of businesses presenting examples of good practices and the implementation of initiatives put forward by cultural, environmental and entrepreneurial associations, school institutions and sport associations.

To this end, two calls for proposals have been launched: one dedicated to businesses to take part in an exhibition and bar-camp to present scientific and innovative experiences on process, product and service innovation in the field of environment and energy; the second call is specially addressed to professional associations, cultural, environmental and sports associations, as well as school and university representatives to present projects and proposals for a participated organisation and implementation of the cultural, scientific, artistic and creative contents of the event.

The “European Green Night of Forlì” is a great opportunity for the whole community to share the values of environmental protection and intergenerational responsibility.

An attempt of participation aimed at making all players of the town share a common goal: to develop all together a community that is closer to the territory and its scientific and cultural values.

Entrance: free entry

Organized by the Municipal Administration of Forlì, ‘Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì’ and the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena in collaboration with the association ‘Romagna Creative District’, ‘Romagna Innovazione’, ‘GA/ER’ (Giovani Artisti dell´Emilia-Romagna) and the work group ‘L’Arte di Innovare’.

Information and Booking Centre

Fondazione Cassa Dei Risparmi
45, Corso Garibaldi - 47100 Forlì - Phone: ++39 0543 1912030-031-032 - Fax: ++39 0543 1912049
Weekday timetable:

From Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 5.30pm

Weekend timetable:

IAT Forlì Municipality
Piazzetta della Misura, 5 - 47121 Forlì - Phone: ++39 0543 712435 - Fax: ++39 0543 712450
Weekday timetable:

Monday,Tuesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8.30-13 and 15-18.30; Wednesday 8.30-13.From June to September, from Monday to Saturday 8.30-13 and 16-19; Wednesday 8.30-13. From 6th to 25th Septermber, from Monday to Saturday 8.30-13, Tuesday,Thursday,16-19

Weekend timetable:

open 9.30 - 12.30. In August the office is closed

By Turismo Forlivese editorial staff (Feb 24, 2014)


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