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This event has ended

11th edition – Feed the body, the soul and the mind

Forlì Exibition Center - Via Punta di Ferro, 2

Forlì (FC)

This event in Forlì is a point of reference for a public ready and interested in the search for well-being through an ethical lifestyle full of natural methods. Natural Expo is a showcase that offers a wide range of proposals and innovative wellness products: natural cosmetics, organic and vegan food, energy conservation, furniture, herbal and alternative medicine.

Natural Expo will not only be an opportunity to make good purchases, but will involve the public and exhibitors in a multisensory experience with workshops, courses, exhibitions, children's workshops and free performances.

For this new edition we have expanded our exhibition proposal, to meet the requests for information and insights from a public increasingly interested in the application of natural wellness to new issues.

Date: the event will be held on Feb 17, 2017, Feb 18, 2017, Feb 19, 2017

Event timetable: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-7:30pm.



Vegan heart:
Products and Services
Promoting the ethical choice of being vegan by distributing products and services. Respecting the life of every living being, from what we eat to what we wear. Restaurants, cookery classes, books and workshops.

Biobeauty Fashion: Beauty & Wellbeing
Traditional medicine, integrative medicine, alternative and holistic medicine, including natural therapies and various prevention methods to take care of one’s own health. Cosmetics, natural makeup experts, hair stylists, nutritionists, massages, spa therapies and the latest natural trends.

Free your time
Tourism, sports and activities for children. Presentation of eco-friendly journeys to rediscover our territory.
But also meditation centres, yoga, pilates, treatments, massages and demonstrations of fun and innovative sports.

Life and home: the home I’d love to live in
Eco-house, projects aimed at raising awareness of energy saving and improving knowledge on building and furnishing techniques. Eco-fuels, renewable energy sources, environmentally-friendly furniture and accessories, Feng Shui.

All over the world
Habits and traditions, crafts, fair trade, ethnic culture, raw materials… respecting and enhancing diversity.

Going back to our origins
Agriculture, natural vet medicine (nutrition and phytochemicals), biodiversity and ecosystem, farmers’ culture, short supply chain, km 0, natural, organic and biodynamic diets.

Entering the Hall B of the fairgrounds you will be immersed in Thai culture: an emotional journey through traditional dances, photographic exhibitions, ethnic craft products and natural health remedies, martial arts demonstrations and massages, typical food and the charm of a Thai temple reproduced at the fair. "Thai World" will also be open for those who wish to book a dinner, enlivened at 10.30pm by engaging folk performances. A course organized in collaboration with "Naga", Thai cultural association non-profit organization based in Villafranca Padovana who has promoted all over the country the values and traditions of the Asian country through educational and recreational activities, and Evan social and welfare events.

Entrance: entry fee

Full fee: single ticket 3.00€; 8.00€; 6.00€ - Ticket discount coupon available on the website for download

Free entry: Up to 12 years old

Information and Booking Centre

Romagna Fiere
Via Punta di Ferro, 2 - 47122 Forlì - Phone: ++39 0543 777420
Weekday timetable:

From Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 1.30pm and from 3.30pm to 6.30pm

Weekend timetable:


By Turismo Forlivese editorial staff (Feb 11, 2017)

Emilia Romagna Welcome (EN)

Previsioni Meteo


Suggestions, ideas and activities
expositions, art, flavors and fun.