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Mercanteinfiera primavera

This event has ended

Mercanteinfiera Spring: international fair of modernism, antiques and collectables

Fiere di Parma - Viale delle Esposizioni, 393/a

Parma (PR)

It's an authentic marketplace in which over a thousand dealers, coming from all the main European antiques markets, exhibit their own antiques and collectables to thousands of professional visitors, collectors, and memorabilia hunters.

It is a unique event, one of the most important appointments of the Antiques sector on the European scale: over one thousand operators present their modern antiques, ancient antiques, and collectables, which they have come across during their trips. Thousands of prized and funny proposals or simple “rediscoveries of our recent past”.

Hundreds of buyers have confirmed they are coming, and the United States, France, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Russia and Spain are the most well represented countries.

Taking a quick look, there is everything ranging from highly prize date antiques (troumeau, porcelain, 18th century furniture), to prestigious watches (Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, etc.). From pop and design furniture to extravagant objects, such as the piece of apple tree that belonged to Shakespeare, to all things vintage: iconic items like Louis Vuitton bags, the kelly bag by Chanel or particular bag-jewels, real "conversation pieces" that no sensible woman would ever consider ephemeral.

Furthermore, at the same time as "Mercanteinfiera" there will also be "Art Parma Fair", the 6Th edition of the Modern and Contemporary Art Fair.

Date: the event will be held from Feb 25, 2017 to Mar 05, 2017

Event timetable: from 10.00am to 7.00pm



"L’Oro Matto e il gioiello-fantasia nella prima metà del Novecento"
in collaboration with the Bijou museum of Casalmaggiore (CR), the only museum dedicated to costume jewelry
by Bianca Cappello

"Il mare sorride da lontano: dipinti, incisioni, manifesti e oggetti intorno all’immaginario del mare"
by Paolo Aquilini, Serena Bertolucci, Luca Leoncini, Laura Cattoni and Simone Frangioni

Entrance: entry fee

Full fee: €10

Reduced fee: online €8

Free entry: under 14 with an adult

Information and Booking Centre

Fairs of Parma
Viale delle Esposizioni, 393/a Baganzola - Phone: ++39 0521 9961 - Fax: ++39 0521 996270
Weekday timetable:

from 9.00am to 12.30pm and from 3.00pm to 6.00pm

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By Parma editorial staff (Feb 02, 2017)

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