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S. Fara square

Bobbio (PC)

This year in its 11th edition, Abbots-Way Ultra Trail is a 125 km, 5500mD+ timed race along natural trails in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Via degli Abati, also known as “Francigena di montagna”, is an ancient Medieval itinerary trod by monks from San Colombano monastery in Bobbio. They used to walk through it from the 7th century when travelling to Rome, before Sigerico's Francigena was defined as we know it today.

The itinerary was discovered in five years, from 1995 to 2000, by Giovanni Magistretti, a local scholar, member of the Associazione Amici di San Colombano in Bobbio, who relied on several historical documents to trace the path. These documents include the Codice Diplomatico from San Colombano monastery, but each discovery was supported by on site analyses along the Bobbio-Pontremoli path until both sources overlapped.

The 2018 edition starts from Bobbio and will end in Pontremoli.

Date: the event will be held on Apr 28, 2018

Event timetable: See program

Entrance: entry fee

Full fee: from €85

Booking: Lupi d'Appennino ASD:, +39.333.6418441. REGISTRATIONS CLOSE ON 20th APRIL 2018.

To register on line

Information and Booking Centre

Tourist Information Office of Bobbio
S. Francesco Square, 1 - Phone: ++39 0523 962815 - 962804 - Fax: ++39 0523 936666
Weekday timetable:

01/01-31/03: Tue/Sat 9.30-12.30am/04.00-07.00pm; 01/04-31/07-01/09-31/12: from Wed to Sat; 01/08-31/08: from Tue to Sat

Weekend timetable:

01/04-31/07 and 01/09-31/12: 8.30-12.30am; 15/06-15/09 also 04.00-06.00pm; 01/08-31/08: 8.30-12.30am and 04.00-06.00pm

By Piacenza editorial staff (Dec 13, 2017)

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