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From grape pressing to the Roman Period. Gropparello castle activity.

Castello di Gropparello

Gropparello (PC)

Located in the Piacenza hills, Gropparello Castle with its didactic initiatives spans from fable to legend passing through theatrical dramatization and the history of the Roman empire, medieval history, science and food and wine production.

Date: the event will be held from Mar 17, 2014 to Nov 17, 2014

Event timetable: Sundays and holidays 10am-6:30pm (summertime) 10am-5pm (wintertime); Weekdays opening by reservation only.


Teachers can choose from 6 different itineraries.

La Visita Incantata (The Enchanted Tour)
guided tour in the form of a fairy tale, animated by characters wearing costumes in the castle, only 5.60 Euro per child – It suits nursery school children or primary school pupils and will teach them something about the traditions and customs during the medieval period.

Visita Guidata Storica (Historical Tour)
5.60 Euro per child, for primary and secondary schools; 7 Euro per person for high-school students, university students and adults - it will guide the visitors through medieval history by getting to know the castle and its use.

Una Giornata al Parco delle Fiabe (A Day in the Fairy Park)
suitable for nursery school children up to secondary school - it is an adventure in the first 'emotional' park of Italy, where visitors can experience a timeless magical event. The package - 17.30 Euro per student and 21.50 Euro for parents - includes a guided tour to the castle and the Fairy Park, and an adventure with costumes for all children, a place to eat take-away lunches, and a free ice-cream per child.

“Castello e Natura: Pigiatura dell’Uva”(Castle and Nature: pressing grapes)
ideal for nursery and primary schools, this activity is meant to get in touch with agricultural traditions and the cycle of harvesting. The package (17.30 Euro per child) includes a tour of the castle, the pressing of grapes, an area to eat, and an ice-cream for each child.

“Alla scoperta degli Antichi Romani” (Meet the ancient Romans)
is a tour set in the 2nd Century AD, when Gropparello castle was a stronghold for the Roman city of Velleja. The idea is to teach the rules of civic education at the time the Romans lived, playing with the reenactment of a meeting in ancient Rome. The package (17.30 Euro per child) includes a tour of the castle, animation activities, an area to eat, and an ice-cream for each child.

“Giornata Fantasy: Re Artù e i Cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda” (Fantasy World: King Arthur and the Round Table Knights)
for children from 4th grade of primary school onwards, 20.30 Euro per child - this activity is meant to inspire feelings of courage, love for the common good and the sense of justice in every child. The package includes a guided tour of the castle, entertaining activities, an area to eat, and an ice-cream for each child. A free ticket for two teachers per class. The teachers who cannot benefit from the free ticket will pay 7 Euro.

Entrance: entry fee

Full fee: see programme

By Piacenza editorial staff (Jul 17, 2014)

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