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Building and exhibition of sand sculptures. 18th edition.

Cervia Public Beach

Cervia (RA)

The best sand sculptors from all over the world will gather together and shape the sand into ephemeral but amazing sculptures.

The sand sculptures will be built grain by grain starting on August 8. Awards will be given on August 10 in the evening at 9pm, before the traditional fireworks display for San Lorenzo. From 10th August to 15th October the exhibition of the sculptures will be open to the public.

As always, the works will be judged by the public while a jury, made up of the artists, will give a prize to the most well executed sculpture in terms of technique.

The tools used by the contestants are halfway between those used by builders and those generally found in the homes of sculptors.

The creations can even reach 8 metres high and spring from the fervid imagination and the able hands of the artists who come from all over the world. The effect is truly amazing and evocative. The teams work for three days to build the sculptures and then the works remain on display even after the awards as a kind of outdoor museum on the beach.

If you are wondering how it is possible for them to remain standing for days, we can let you in on a little secret: a special liquid made from a mixture of water and glue is sprayed on them to prevent evaporation and this protects them for a long time.

Toys will be the theme of the edition 2015.

Date: the event will be held from Aug 08, 2015 to Oct 20, 2015

Event timetable: detailed programme not yet available


From August 8th to 10th
building of the sculptures by the teams

August 10th 9.00 p.m.
prize giving to the winners

from August 10th to October 20th
exhibition of the sculptures
from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.

Entrance: entry fee

Full fee: Donations welcome

Information and Booking Centre

Via Caduti per la Libertà, 52/A - 48015 Cervia - Phone: ++39 0544 974395 - Fax: ++39 0544 975757
Weekday timetable:

9.00 - 12.00

Weekend timetable:

Tourist Board Cervia
St. Michael Tower - Via A. Evangelisti, 4 - Phone: ++39 0544 974400 - Fax: ++39 0544 977194
Weekday timetable:

see detailed opening hours on the website

Weekend timetable:

see detailed opening hours on the website

By Cervia editorial staff (Jul 18, 2015)

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