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Ceramiche Dèco. Il gusto di un'epoca

This event has ended

An international style, recounted through ceramics but also graphics, glass and metal.

International Museum of Ceramics - Viale Baccarini, 19

Faenza (RA)

Art Deco, eclectic, luxurious and fascinating, soon became, between the 1920s and 30s, synonymous with society life, with the fleeting and with the modern bourgeoisie.

“Art Deco. The Taste of an Epoch”, on show at the MIC of Faenza from 18th February to 1st October, is part of the ambitious project "Art Deco. The Roaring Years in Italy" of the San Domenico Museums of Forlì. In Forlì all the arts will be juxtaposed (furniture, ceramics, glass, metal, jewellery, clothes, painting, sculpture and plaster casts) to supply an overview as exhaustive as possible of this eclectic taste, representing not only Italy but also Europe and the United States from the immediate post-war period to 1929, year of the world economic crisis. Whereas in Faenza the focus will be on outstanding local figures of absolute international stature such as Domenico Rambelli, Francesco Nonni, Pietro Melandri, Riccardo Gatti and Giovanni Guerrini, to cite only some of the best known, analysed over a slightly longer period of activity, from 1920 to 1935.

Ceramics will play the leading role. For every artist it is hoped to supply an excursus through other art forms practised by each individual (such as Guerrini’s posters, and works in glass and metal, side by side with Nonni’s woodcuts and the furniture of Bernardini and Golfieri). There will be no lack of national and international comparison: the splendid works of Gio Ponti and Giovanni Gariboldi for the company Richard Ginori, Lenci and Rometti pieces, together with German ceramics from the Weimar Republic and works from France and Belgium.

The idea is to supply an international narration at an international venue, the MIC, to recount the fascinating and unique taste of an epoch.

Date: the event will be held from Feb 18, 2017 to Oct 01, 2017

Closing days: Monday, Mid August Holiday

Event timetable: From 1/11 to 31/03, Tuesday to Friday 10am-1.30pm – Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10am-5.30pm. From 1/04 to 31/10, Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays 10am-7pm.

Entrance: entry fee

Full fee: €8

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By Terre di Faenza editorial staff (Apr 12, 2017)

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