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Easter at the table

At the end of Lent, a time of penitence lasting forty days, Easter arrives, the most important holiday of the Christian tradition because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

Even if today the age-old custom of giving something up during this period has been lost, and food is abundant on our tables, the tradition that has continued is that of preparing dishes historically linked to this holiday, in particular those that make reference to the various Easter symbols such as lamb and Easter eggs, along with many different sweets which in this area are represented by “ciambella” cake or “panine” and “pagnotte” cakes.

Here we offer some of the most classic dishes, keeping in mind, however, that for every recipe there are numerous local variations, in particular in an area so inclined to good cooking as Emilia Romagna.

In memory of old habits, on the table of many families on Easter morning, the Easter “pagnotta” is served at breakfast along with hard-boiled eggs, which have been previously blessed, and with homemade salami.  Among the other homemade delights are the “ciambella” and Easter “panina” cakes, all of which are easy but unique deserts to make that remind us of our grandmothers.

For Easter lunch, families today still gather around a good sized plate of green lasagna, for which we are providing the Bologna recipe, or for the “tardura”, an old pasta with which the holiday was celebrated in Romagna.

The choice of the second course takes into consideration recipes based on lamb, but also rabbit, a farm animal that was very common here and which in many areas substituted lamb.  For the first dish we recommend the Romagna recipe of lamb with peas, lamb stuffed with fennel or lamb liver with balsamic vinegar, while the second one is more classic with rabbit “alla cacciatora” and rabbit “in porchetta”.

Happy Easter!

Last modified Mar 28, 2018

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