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Christmas Bread

Pane di Natale

PANENATALE.jpgRecipe of the Modena area. This dessert is a sizeable bread of a black shiny colour, which is served in rectangular pieces which are a little bigger than cookies. They are served on their own, or rather, together with the typical “amaretti” (almond macaroons) and with rectangles of “spongata” (sponge cake) dusted with vanilla sugar.

Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients: 1 kg flour, 500 g of sugar, 250 g of honey, 500 g of raisins to be soaked in liqueur (cognac or Sassolino), 500 g of various candied fruit, cut into small pieces, 150 g of powdered cocoa, 100 g of melted butter, 5 whole eggs, 2 kg of jam, including the cooked pumpkin (1.5 kg of jam and half a kg of cooked pumpkin), 10 g of ammonia, topping chocolate cut into pieces as much as one likes, 250 g of candied red and green cherries and almonds to garnish.

Preparation: Mix the sugar with the eggs and the soft butter, then add the flour, the honey, the milk, the liqueur, the jam, the cooked pumpkin, the raisins with the liqueur in which they are soaked, the powdered cocoa, the pieces of chocolate and the cut candied fruit. Knead everything well and for a long time, then add the baking powder and ammonia. Keep kneading the dough until it feels soft, then pour it into various moulds and garnish with the small red cherries and the almonds. This dessert is prepared in the afternoon and then it is taken to the bakery shop the next morning to be baked. It is delicious.

Suggested white wine Serve with a sweet liqueur based on citrus



Recipe sent by: Anna Cavazzuti - Maranello (MO)

Last modified Dec 16, 2013

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