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Fried Carnival Tagliatelle

These traditional sweets, tied to a simple peasant custom, are normal tagliatelle which become quite decadent when the pasta is covered with sugar and lemon or orange juice.
The pasta is then rolled and cut into small sections to make tagliatelle, but instead of unfurling the rolls, they are left intact and then fried.

Ingredients: 200 gr of flour, 2 eggs, 4 spoonfuls of refined sugar, 1 untreated orange, peanut oil as needed, powdered sugar to taste.

make the dough using the eggs and flour as with any egg pasta.  Roll out the dough until it is of medium thickness, then cover it with the refined sugar and the graded orange rind.  Roll the pasta as you would for making tagliatelle, and then cut it into 1 cm wide sections.  Leave the dough rolled up and fry each section in oil, then let them drain on a paper towel.  Put the tagliatelle on a serving platter, cover them with powdered sugar and serve them cold.


Recipe sent in by: Redazione di Bagno di Romagna

Image by: Rita Fabbri

Last modified Jan 20, 2016

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