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Acacia liquor

Liquore d'acacia


Acacia LiquorDelicate and very sweet smelling liquor. In the area of Bologna called Ca’ Bianca, immediately after the war, when misery stimulated imagination, it was a widely used custom to harvest, at the end of spring, the white flowers of the acacia which grew up near the Reno river and along the Lame, to then make this liquor.

Ingredients: 200 g of white acacia flowers, 800 g of sugar, 50 g of honey (if possible of acacia).

Preparation: place the flowers in layers in a large glass jar, alternating them with the sugar and honey. Close the jar and keep it in cool, dry place. After two days, add the alcohol. Check it day after day until the sugar crystals are completely dissolved. Strain well and bottle.

Recipe sent by: Roberto Gardini - Bologna

Last modified Jun 07, 2011

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