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Rose Petal Liquor

rosolio.jpgLiquore di petali di rosa

Modena recipe. Tasty, sweet and with low alcohol content, in the past this liquor was served out of beautiful glass bottles in little glases, especially to women, or after meals or at social events.

Ingredients: 250 g of untreated rose petals, 1/2 liter of 90° alcohol, 500 g of sugar, 400 g of water.

Preparation: in a large jar, put the washed and dried rose petals with the alcohol, close the jar and let the mixture sit, shaking it every once in a while. After 15 days, prepare a syrup with the sugar and water and after letting it cool, add it to the mixture. After 8 days, filter and bottle. The liquor can be consumed immediately.

Recipe sent by: Liliana Mazzi - Modena

Last modified May 23, 2013

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