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Gardening what a passion! Market exhibitions 2015

For those with a green thumb, for those who love flowers, gardening and herbs, and for nature enthusiasts, the most colorful and scented season of the year will see many market exhibitions and themed events blossom in cities, splendid parks and magnificent palaces.


Among the first events on schedule is that at the historic Reggia in Colorno, just a few kilometers from Parma.  The 22nd edition of "Nel Segno del Giglio, from April 24 to 26, will be a triumph of colors and a jubilation of flowers.  In the large park of the Reggia, qualified gardeners will display their creations and the most interesting will win the Ippolito Pizzetti Award.  Guided visits, which are often of exclusive parks and gardens in this area, the opening of nature reserves, and good food will all be accompanied this year by the chance for visitors to access, before the general public, the biggest labyrinth in the world by Franco Maria Ricci, the new green wonder built with the genius and fantasy of this Parma editor.


On the Adriatic Coast the colorful “Cattolica in Fiore will welcome visitors from April 30 to May 3.  Avenues, squares and streets downtown will be transformed into splendid flowering gardens thanks to the over 150 stands present.  Also back this year is the monetary prize “Beauty and quality” awarded to the three best stands in terms of esthetics and quality of the products on display.  The presence of “Expo dei Sapori” (Flavors Expo) will add some flavor to all the colors by offering food and wine excellencies from all over Italy.  In the evening on Saturday, May 2, everyone will look to the sky to admire the splendid fireworks.


Flower by flower, spring will also reach Ferrara with its magnificent “Estense Gardens, from May 2 to 3. The 2015 edition is dedicated to the peony with an initiative called “The Peony, Flower of the Gods”, with a scenographic area set up on the Duchy Courtyard of the Estense Castle.  Downtown, qualified dealers will display rare plants, gardening tools and other items for tending to your yard.  Another special event will be held in the entrance area of the Castle where the first edition of “Atmosfere Country” will be held, a market exhibition dedicated to living in the country and high quality crafts.  The public will also be able to take part in guided tours of the historic gardens in the city, book presentations, a vegan cooking demonstration, classes, art exhibitions and conferences, where among the many speakers there will also be the famous gardening journalist and blogger Mimma Pallavicini.


Plants, flowers, and forgotten fruits will also invade the historic Castle of Paderna, one of the jewels of the Association of Castles of the Parma and Piacenza Duchies.  At this market exhibition of Ancient Spring Fruits, from May 9 to 10, there will also be high quality crafts on display.  Visitors will be able to enjoy special tastings as well as demonstrations, lessons and conversations dedicated to good living and respecting the environment held by experts and professionals in this sector.  And kids are sure to have fun at Ludobus.


For gardening enthusiasts but also for those looking for new ideas to add something more to their outdoor space, "De Gustibus", in the splendid Villa Malenchini in Carignano (PR), will offer many quality goods.  From May 8 to 10, besides in the areas dedicated to food and wine and handmade crafts, visitors will find an answer to all their needs in the "Green in Greenery" area which will display all the latest novelties and trends.  Pools, fish ponds, lilies, gazebos and must-have barbecues, here you can find everything you need to enjoy summer.


The sumptuous setting of Villa Pallavicino in Busseto (Pr), in the lands of Verdi, on May 16 and 17 will host Ortocolto, the festival-market of arts, vegetable gardens, fruits and fields.  A meeting place for those who enjoy nature for its beauty, for those who know how to appreciate flowers, fruits, flavors and biodiversity.  There will also be crafts and high quality handmade items, good food, music and entertainment, learning labs for kids, guided visits and museums in downtown Busseto.


The first event in Italy dedicated to Koi carps, the art of Bonsai and gardening is back for its second year in Cesena, May 16 and 17.  Gardens and ornamental lakes, Bonsai, conferences, shows and workshops, learning labs, international guests and exhibitions will all be part of the Italian Koi Show.  The stars will be Origami, Kamishibai (shadow theater), Judo, Kendo, Ikebana (the art of arranging flowers), activities for kids, classes, workshops, sushi and many other aspects of Japanese culture.  For the occasion there is also a weekend package deal.


May 16 and 17 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) will be in full bloom with the "Flowering Balconies" competition that will adorn the entire historic downtown with the colorful gifts of this season.  In Piazza Ganganelli, the market exhibition of flowers and plants will be set up with about one hundred stands.  Along with it there will also be a market of crafts, antiques and natural and herbal products.  Market stalls, food stands, sweets, shows and exhibitions will entertain the whole family.


And for all those who wish to spend a few days outside in touch with nature, there will also be the best guided tours and excursions, from the marshes to along the Po River to hiking in the woods and parks, and visits to the ancient salt works.

Last modified May 11, 2015

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