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Historic reenactments

The month of June offers various opportunities to dive into the past and experience ancient splendors or events that changed the course of history in many places throughout our region.


Palio del Niballo small JPGThe Niballo Palio in Faenza is one of the oldest and most well known medieval festivals in Italy, known as the "Barbarossa Games" and the "Quintana del Niballo", which can trace its origins back to 1164, when Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I came to Faenza as a guest of Enrico and Guido Manfredi, noble citizens at the time.  According to various historic documents, there are descriptions of the "Quintana del Niballo" from the 1600s up to 1796. The Niballo Palio of Faenza takes place on the fourth Sunday in June.  During the week leading up to this event, the five competing neighborhoods, or rioni, host many parties, concerts, and traditional medieval dinners. Every round of the Niballo is proceeded by a historic parade with a reenactment of military, civil and social life in the 1400s.  From June 17 to 22.


nottestreghe.jpgFrom June 19 to 23 the whole town of San Giovanni in Marignano, just inland from Rimini, will become the enchanting setting of "The Night of Witches": for five days from sunset until late at night Italian and foreign artists, street performers, magicians, musicians, fortune tellers, fakirs and jugglers will fill the whole town with magic and alchemy, in an event which has its origins in the superstitions and popular rituals of Romagna, for the occasion of San Giovanni night, which is tied to both the religious celebration of this patron saint of the town and to the pagan festival of the summer solstice.


copy_of_NottidiFiaba.jpgThe suggestive neo-medieval village of Grazzano Visconti, near Piacenza, will offer visitors the chance to go back in time thanks to a rare example of revival architecture which was at its peak in Italy between the 19th and 20th centuries.  This beautiful town, closed to traffic, will be the worthy setting for the reenactment "Fairy Tale Nights" where imagination and reality will blend together giving life to a fantastic world with elves, dragons, knights, dames and jugglers, magicians, and the Grande Popolo di Grazzano, to have fun and celebrate. June 28-29.

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