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Historic reenactments 2018

These historic reenactments will take you back in time, to discover lost customs and ancient trades, but they will also allow you to experience episodes which actually happened leaving their mark on history. There will be many events that will accompany you to the end of summer, offering valid opportunities for a weekend dedicated to conviviality and cultural and historical enrichment.


In Cesenatico the festival Parco di Ponente dedicated to the world of druids is back, with Celts and Romans, in four days in nature: craft markets, food stands, shows and great folk music await you at Druidia from August 16 to 19. Have you ever tasted mead?



In Cesenatico from Celtic druids to Garibaldi in a millennium jump to relive the moment when this hero took to the sea on August 2, 1849 headed towards Venice and still chased by the Austrians. The Hero of Two Worlds is honored every year at this event that includes the participation of thousands of people wearing red shirts, ready to celebrate, and to experience excursions on the motorboats and historic boats of the city. Sounds and colors and to finish up a fireworks show for the Garibaldi Festival on August 4 and 5.


Moving on towards Piacenza and more precisely Castell'Arquato where on September 8 and 9 there will be Relive the Middle Ages: two days of celebrations with playful dames wooed by noble knights, medieval games and a lot of great traditional food. Downtown will come to life for all of those who are enthusiasts of times gone by.



Now near to the beautiful Bologna we discover Il Barbarossa, in the historic center of Medicina, the tale of Frederick I of Swabia who when gravely ill found a cure in this little town and thus renamed the place with the name that we still use today.

The castle will celebrate with typical specialities from this area, artists, people in costume and food stands all awaiting the arrival of the Emperor from September 14 to 16.

Last modified Jul 16, 2018

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