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Home Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna - 2017

Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna - 2017

Going back in time is possible in Emilia-Romagna, and without a time machine.

Reliving the splendors of the Renaissance, wearing medieval costumes, witnessing battles to the death and tournaments among knights, taking part in parades, trying out traditional crafts, enjoying plentiful banquets and libations, entertaining yourself among minstrels, fire-eaters, flag-wavers, music and dancers. The atmosphere and life of times gone by at the festivals and “Palio” in costume that, along the Via Emilia, will bring ancient glories back to life and reenact the events that left their mark on the history of this land.


In Bobbio (Pc), at the foot of the medieval Malaspina Castle, on July 9 the traditional Palio delle Contrade of the town will be held, which is divided into various ability competitions, to obtain the tapestry given to the winning “contrada”. The competition among the "contrade” is preceded by a historic parade, which recreates the ancient atmosphere, and is accompanied by the Palio dei Fanciulli, and concluded with the awards and the dinners of each "contrada” in their specific square.



There will be a festive climate also in Castel del Rio, in the Bologna plains, with the "Renaissance Festival", which reenacts the splendors of the noble family Alidosi. There will also be a historic parade of 400 figures in Renaissance costumes, dinners and celebrations, a historic market and military camp, and evening shows that recreate the atmosphere and flavors of that era.The top moment of this festival is the spectacular Witch Trial and burning with fireworks on the Alidosi Bridge. July 15-16.



Now we will move on towards the fortress of Castrocaro Terme, near Forlì, which with its rooms, its courtyards and its secrets, will be the star of the celebrations "From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance". The event remembers the year 1403, when this big fortress and the surrounding area was handed over by the Church to the Republic of Florence; thus the Provincia Florentina in partibus Romandiolae (Florentine or Tuscan Romagna) was established and Castrocaro became the capitol for the entire Renaissance period and beyond, from 1403 to 1579. Here, there will be musicians, street performers, duelers, jugglers, fire-eaters, craftsmen and merchants, concerts, guided visits and torch-lit entertainment, all in anticipation of the theater, musical, and pyrotechnical show on the walls of the castle. July 21-22.



Also Stellata di Bondeno, near Ferrara, will take us back in time, to an era when man was discovering the strength of iron and in which the area of Bondeno, due to the make up of the landscape, was called Bundan (concave) by the Ligons, a Celtic population that lived here. At the Bundan Celtic Festival, you can experience a slice of Celtic life, among huts and Menhir, fighting and customs from that era, able craftsmen, banquets, traditional games, fairy tales and Celtic melodies. The festival opens every evening with an enchanting ritual: a bonfire is lit to the sounds of drums and bagpipes. July 21-23.



The first weekend in August will be a time to celebrate at the port of Cesenatico by commemorating the famous sailing away of Giuseppe Garibaldi, which took place on August 2, 1849, the day in which one of the most famous pages of Italian history was written when Garibaldi and his wife Anita escaped the Bourbon and French troops here in Romagna on the Adriatic.  The highlight of the event is the historic parade of "Garibaldini" and the excursion on board motor boats and historical boats of the Maritime Museum. There will be a preview of the event on Saturday, August 5 with Garibaldi's "Palio della Cuccagna". August 5-6.



History goes fast in Cesenatico and on August 14, 17, 18, 19, and 20, we will go back to the time of Celts, Greeks and Romans with the musical festival and historic reenactment Druidia. In the greenery of Ponente Park, you can wander among camps and ancient crafts and you can experience them for yourself at the many learning labs. When the sun goes down the warriors will take up arms to defend themselves against the invader. Walking through the landscape sipping typical drinks such as hippocras and mead while listening to the concerts of Celtic and folk music will be a sensory experience that will accompany you until late at night. There will be ten Celtic concerts ranging from classical music with a harp and violin to metal music, as well as rock and traditional folk.


The upcoming historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna


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