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Historic reenactments in June

Also during the month of June the events in costume continue to offer visitors various opportunities to jump back in time and discover ancient splendors and happenings that left their mark on history in many areas of our region.



The month starts with the "Palio del Niballo" in Faenza, one of the oldest and most well-known tournaments which has been held since the Middle Ages.  Just as in the era of the Manfredi, the ruling noble family of the city in the 1400s, every year the five neighborhoods, or "rioni" of this town, on the fourth Sunday in June, take part in a historic parade with more than 400 participants which will be held before the Palio competition, a galloping horse race where riders must hit an 8 centimeter wide target, placed on the end of the Niballo "arms", with a spear.  In the weeks in June leading up to the event, there will be many tournaments, competitions, festivals and dinners with medieval and traditional food.  June 1-22.


A must for history lovers is the event "Abbazia 1092 - I Lanzichenecchi" which will be held in the setting of the Regional Park of the Abbey of Monteveglio. In this age-old town, much loved by the Countess Matilde di Canossa, from June 13 to 16, the camps of the Lanzichenecchi will be rebuilt with close attention to detail, recreating their customs and habits and their great skill in sacking a town.  Military furnishings, arms, cannons and bombardments will take visitors back in time to the siege of 1527 of the castle and the abbey of Monteveglio, until the nighttime assault.  Among drum rolls and trumpet blasts, battles, rings of fire, swords, spears and picks clashing, with shots and cannons, music, lights and fireworks, visitors will be totally engulfed in this spectacular event.

Initially programmed for the weekend of June 13 to 15 but postponed to a later date is "Brixellum Romanorum- La Notte dell’Imperatore" that will bring the Roman era back to life. This reenactment will bring back a slice of life of Ancient Rome dating back to 69 AD when Marco Salvio Otone moved against Aulo Vitellio, and proclaimed himself emperor of the legions of Germany. Defeated by the Germanic troops, Otone took his own life in the night near Brixellum, now Brescello, where the general headquarters were set up.  At this roman camp there will be games, demonstrations and learning labs on the life of legionaries and gladiators.   Kids will learn how people played during Roman times and they will hear Aesop and Fedro's tales.  Ancient dance shows, gladiator labs, roman music and food stands with tasty dishes typical of Ancient Rome with recipes by Apicio will accompany visitors leading up to the historic event.


"Al Tempo del Duca" will go back to the year 1469 when the victorious echoes of the battle at Mulazzano had not yet faded and Rimini was safe thanks to Duke Federico da Montefeltro.  Now it was up to Roberto Malatesta to take back all of the lands that had been taken by the Papal troops during the terrible summer of 1469.  The Fortress of San Leo, the imposing Montefeltro bastion on the Marecchia, after the battle, got back to everyday life.  The event in the Fortress from June 14 to 15 will show life inside the bastion enlivened by soldiers, officers, and sutlers, each busy doing their everyday job.


Also just inland from Rimini, from June 19 to 23, the whole town of San Giovanni in Marignano will be the enchanting setting of "La Notte delle Streghe", an event that has its origins in the superstitions and popular rituals of Romagna, for the night of San Giovanni, linked both to the religious celebration of the patron saint of the town and to the pagan festival for the summer solstice.  For five days from sunset to late at night, both Italian and foreign artists, street shows, magicians, musicians, fire-eaters, jugglers and mimes, a magic market, smells and flavors will fill the whole town with magic and alchemy, until the traditional and fascinating "Witch's Bonfire".


A journey from the Middle Ages to the Gothic era, among mysticism and the arcane, in the splendid location of the Malatesta fortress of Verucchio (Rn) with the event “Le Notti delle spade mistiche” in the evening from June 20 to 22Visitors will be guided through shows, stories and tales by the Regius, from Prague. Opening the event is the Compagnai Mons Jovie while the InsPyro will light up the night with their shows of fire, dancing, avant-garde figures and very spectacular pyrotechnics.


The charming neo-medieval town of Grazzano Visconti, near Piacenza, offers a chance for visitors to truly go back in time during the weekend of June 27-28, thanks to a rare example of revival architecture that was at its peak in Italy between the 19th and 20th centuries.  This beautiful town, closed off to traffic, is the worthy setting for the reenactment "Notti di Fiaba" where reality and fantasy will mix giving life to a fantastic world with elves, dragons, knights, dames as well as jugglers, magicians and the Great People of Grazzano, for fun and festivities.


Closing out the month of June on the 29th, there will be "Bagnarola 1711", in Bagnarola di Budrio, outside of Bologna.  The splendid Villa Ranuzzi Cospi, the 18th century Bologna masterpiece which was once famous for its lavish parties held in its expansive gardens, will be the spectacular setting for the reenactment of the Feast of Assumption held on August 15, 1711.  The arrival of the princess Caterina D'Este will be celebrated with dances and historic costumes, battle reenactments, life in the court, tastings and finally a grand noble candlelight dinner.

Last modified Sep 09, 2014

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