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Historic reenactments. September 2016

The time machine awaits you in the evocative setting of the Santa Maria Bastion in Ferrara, where equestrian jousting among the Este, Ferrara and Grottazzolina champions will reenact, from August 26 to September 4, the tormented years of hostility between the Este noble family and da Romano.  It is also a great opportunity to totally immerse yourself in the Middle Ages.  This event is called the "Giostra del Monaco" (The Monk's Joust); here the weapon of choice is an iron joust, which was widely used in the Middle Ages.  This weapon is held tight by participants in this very popular equestrian competition, where the jousters must hit chalk shields. It is held after ten intense days of medieval life with all its colors, costumes, flavors and ancient crafts, as well as cultural meetings, music, dancing, theater performances, food and wine, games and military reenactments.


The month of September begins with the ancient Palio di Santa Reparata.  On schedule from September 1 to 4, the lovely medieval town of Terra del Sole ( Fc) will reenact a competition held on October 8, 1549 for the inauguration of the Byzantine parish church of S. Reparata, when four local youngsters rode from the church to the Sussubio castle where the magistrates awarded the winner a pennant embroidered with the image of the Martyr Reparata. On the day of the Palio, the two districts, Borgo Romano and Borgo Fiorentino, compete in a tug of war and with ancient crossbows. A procession of three hundred participants in costumes from the sixteenth century will wind its way from the two castles to Piazza d’Armi, accompanied by the shrill blast of clarions, drum rolls and flags tossed in the air.



In Modena happenings from 72 BC will be relived during the long march of Spartacus towards the Alps, who right around Modena, took on and won against the Roman legions trying to block his way. From September 8 to 11 for the occasion of "Mutina Boica" there will be days filled with shows, concerts, and food as well as battles, historic parades, workshops, drums and bagpipes and a conference with Laura Parisini.


Also Forlimpopoli will make the history books with Un deint la Roca ad Frampul - from the local dialect meaning “a day in the fortress of Forlimpopoli".  The imposing town fortress, one of the most beautiful in Romagna, will host the celebrations which were ordered by the countess Battistina Savelli in the 1500s in honor of the return of her groom Brunoro II Zampeschi from France.  Merchants, witches, craftsmen, charlatans, jesters, fire eaters, warriors, flag wavers and drum players will come together for a spectacular historic parade as well as tournaments, exhibitions, breathtaking shows, a themed market and Renaissance dinners. September 10-13.


Preceded by a day of previews, Sunday, September 11, and ending with the two main days on September 17 and 18, in Parma the ancient palio, which dates back to at least the year 1314, will be held.  This historic event is centered around the relay race among the five teams that represent the five ancient gates of the city.  Further enlivening this event are parades in costume, battles among medieval warriors, dancing and entertainment typical of that era.  Each of the five city gates is also represented by a group of flag wavers.  At the medieval village in Piazza Della Pilota, participants can enjoy a slice of medieval life with flag wavers, ancient crafts, wandering minstrels, jugglers and jesters, birds of prey on display and in flight, and battle simulations, and dinner must be had at the medieval tavern.



The enchanted town of Castell'Arquato relives the Middle Ages along the streets of the town, where romantic dames cheer on their brave knights, festive and noisy crowds forget the difficulties of the day before getting back to work, and chatty merchants are ready to charm you with their precious wares, while along the Arda River heavy arms await the final battle. September 10-11.



The neo-gothic town of Grazzano Visconti (Pc) and its fairytale atmosphere will host "A Magical Day" also for small children who can learn while having fun among medieval arts, adventures in costume, horseback riding in the saddle of faithful steeds, ancient duels with swords and axes, archery, balance beams, fantastic stories of animals and monsters, medieval dancing, and even magic potion making workshops! September 11.



The magnificent Rocca delle Caminate Park in Meldola, just inland from Forlì and covering almost 20 acres, will exceptionally open its doors to the public for the occasion of “Falcons and Bows”.  The key moments of the 23rd edition of this festival dedicated to hunting, falconry and medieval arms will be the Archery Tournament of the Mayors of Romagna, the "Lucrezia Pico della Mirandola" Historic Bow and Walking Tournament, the parade and the final show of medieval fencing and falconry.  The public can participate in medieval games and duels, admire birds of prey in flight, and watch demonstrations of ancient crafts.  September 17-18.



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