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Home Kites in flight. The Festivals in the sky over Emilia Romagna 2017

Kites in flight. The Festivals in the sky over Emilia Romagna 2017

Like every year, the new season brings with it spectacular kiting events in the open space of the spring sky.  There will be two international events that will attract artists and visitors from all over the world.


On the beach in Pinarella di Cervia from April 21 to May 1 acrobatic kite performances, dances, aerial battles, record-breaking feats and combat will leave the numerous participants, both kids and adults, holding their breath while staring up into the sky to admire the extraordinary show of the International Kite Festival, now in its 37th edition.


200 official guests representing 33 countries, who, with their bizarre creations, made, as always, especially for this event, will transform the sky into a theater with an unusual show. Only kites will be used, whether they are fighter kites, sailplanes, box kites, acrobatic ones or even giant “soft-kites” (3D kites without any rods).


Among the new aspects of this 2017 edition, the festival is expanding, starting with the beach and stretching up to the city. Among the events not to be missed are the exhibition of the kite flier Michel Gressier in downtown Cervia and the very fun Circo Paniko on the beach next to the flight area.


Many guests and professionals from all five continents will participate in this edition. In particular there are many women participating, hence the name of the event dedicated to them, "The other half of the sky”, a tribute to the female universe of creativity.


The beauty of the festival, besides watching the exhibitions of true international professionals, is also being able to fly your own kite.


There are evocative night flights, not to be missed, the shows with kites with the lights of the evening and your feet in the sand, creating a unique atmosphere and giving the public a unique show (Saturday, April 22 and Saturday, April 29, at 9:30pm).


Completing this festival are its workshops, labs, installations, exhibitions, and shows.  Also back this year is the Wind Fair, the kite market with ethnic crafts and food.



In the area of the Giorgio Bassani city park, in Ferrara, Festival Vulandra will be held, which is now in its 38th edition.  This event has become an important date for kite fliers not only from Italy but also from from the rest of Europe and abroad with countries such as France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Holland, England, Brazil and Colombia.


Four days of fun, from April 22 to 25, during which it will be possible to admire their splendid flying creations in the sky and enjoy the events and activities for adults and children, with free kites handed out to kids. The kite proposed for Vulandra 2017 is called Graph Bird and is by Elmar Peters.


Kite building labs will be part of a full program of cultural initiatives, games and fun.


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