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This quick look is aimed at offering a peek at the numerous events on the exhibition calendar which will welcome visitors staying in the cities of art and ancient towns in our region, giving their vacation a little touch of excitement. 


Starting out from Rivalta di Gazzola, near Piacenza, visitors will be engulfed in the atmosphere of this ancient noble Castle, where eight themed rooms are decorated with precious trunks, porcelain, and rugs which have always been a part of this prestigious manor's history and the noble dynasty which still resides there. While visiting the exhibition "At the table with an ancient Piacenza family", various types of table settings can be admired, each one for a different occasion. Open until May 2.

In the rooms of the Magnani Fortress Foundation in Mamiano di Traversetolo, near Parma, another exhibition will be opening soon: "Divine Comedy. The visions of Doré, Scaramuzza, and Nattini”, curated by Stefano Roffi, with works by some of the greatest illustrators of all time depicting the Divine Comedy. This show will offer a fascinating visual and emotional journey through the infernal shadows to the light of paradise, accompanied by the music of Franz Liszt. Open until July 1.

In Reggio Emilia, the Maramotti Contemporary Art Collection, housed in the old production offices of Max Mara, will offer a two-floor exhibition with forty-three rooms and two open spaces with more than two hundred works, including paintings, sculptures and installations, representing the main artistic trends in Italy and abroad from 1945 to today. The permanent exhibit can be visited for free.  

incanti.jpgStaying in the same city, we recommend visiting the interesting exhibition Charms of Faraway Lands, dedicated to national painting in the 19th century.  Here the focus is on the Far East, which was very popular thanks to adventure novels filled with tigers and alluring opium smoke, and to the harmony of Japanese tales and engravings. Open until April 29.

In Modena the Enzo Ferrari Museum has recently been inaugurated. This museum complex is dedicated to the illustrious personality of sports cars and hosts the show “The Origins of the Legend”.  The stars will be the automobiles from private collections and prestigious museums, displayed as works of art. Until June 30. 

In Bologna, there is currently the first retrospective in Italy dedicated to the genius of Marcel Broodthaers, the Belgian artist considered to be one of the founding fathers of Institutional Critique and one of the most revolutionary and influential figures in 20th century art, a fundamental part of the development of artistic and theoretical research over the last few decades. Until May 6. 

Forlì offers an exhibition dedicated to one of the best European sculptors of the 1900s, entitled Wildt. The Spirit and Forms.  His works are displayed alongside those by past artists including Fidia, Antonello da Messina, Michelangelo, Bernini, and Canova, as well as other modern artists such as Previati, Rodin, Klimt, de Chirico, Martini, Messina, and Fontana, contemporaries of this artist who influenced his creative development. Until June 17.

Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara will present, for the first time ever in our country, the work of  Joaquín Sorolla (1863–1923), an extraordinary interpreter of modern Spanish painting and an important artist of the Belle Epoque movement, today considered one of the most fascinating personalities in Spanish art during that time period between the 19th and 20th centuries. Open until June 17. 

copy_of_vermeer.jpgFrom those staying along the Riviera, there are two great events. The first is going on in Rimini.  It is specifically a noteworthy exhibition called From Vermeer to Kandinsky. Great Works from Museums around the World, housed in Castel Sismondo, and is a big art history lesson told through the sixty works in the show from all over the world, with a focus on the main personalities who left their mark on art history over the last five centuries, both in Europe and in America. Until June 3.


Ravenna offers the second event: the exhibition Caravaggio, Courbet, Giacometti, Bacon, and the Misery and Splendor of Flesh. Testori and great European painting. This show looks back on five centuries of art, from the end of the 15th century to today, and is divided into several sections dedicated to the various periods of art history studied by the critic from Milan (Testori) and to the artists whom he loved. Until June 17. 


Complete calendar of exhibitions in the region.

Last modified Apr 16, 2012

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