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The Mill on the Po - Photo by Archivio Fotografico Provincia di Ferrara
Province:  Ferrara (21 km)
Tourist Area
Nature and the Apennines

This is an agrarian village located very close to the banks of the Po on a street that leads to the Polesella ship deck on the banks near this town.

Ro has shared its entire history with the Po River, most notably the terrible floods that have periodically hit the area.

Set in a fascinating area immersed in nature is the Mill on the Po, a faithful reproduction of the old mills which were located along the river more than 100 years ago, which inspired the book by Bacchelli.

Today it is home to the Bread Museum. The mill is also of great structural importance as it perfectly reproduces the old floating mills. After extensive research, the mill was made with the exact dimensions, techniques, machinery and mechanisms of its predecessors. Moored at the little tourist port, this mill can be visited at any time regardless of the level of the river.

Ro is on the path of the cycling route "Destra Po", a 120 kilometer cycling path that is divided into five parts that run along the right bank of the Great River and is suitable for any level as it is relatively flat.

For more information
Local Staff: Ferrara
Information Offices
Informazione e accoglienza turisticaFERRARA LARGO CASTELLO
Largo Castello,
44100 Ferrara (FE)
Tel. ++39 0532-209370
Fax ++39 0532-212266
Opening: Open troughout the year

How to reach

Railways Ferrovie dello Stato
Stop in Ferrara (km 21)
BusUrban & extra-urban line
ATCF Ferrara
From Ferrara Bus Station (Via Rampani di S. Paolo), line Ferrara-Copparo

Last update: 22/12/2017

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