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Home Market exhibitions of greenery and gardening in Emilia Romagna - 2017

Market exhibitions of greenery and gardening in Emilia Romagna - 2017

For those with a green thumb, for those who love flowers, gardening and herbs, and for nature enthusiasts, the most colorful and scented season of the year will see many market exhibitions and themed events blossom in cities, splendid parks and magnificent palaces.



Among the first events on schedule is one at the historic Reggia in Colorno, just a few kilometers from Parma.  The 24th edition of "Nel Segno del Giglio, from April 21 to 23 will be a triumph of colors and a jubilation of flowers.  In the large park of the Reggia, qualified gardeners will display their creations and the most interesting will win the Ippolito Pizzetti Award. Exclusive guided tours, photography exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops will be dedicated to natural and organic products, with a focus on autochthonous plant species. Not just plants and flowers but also artisanal products such as liquors, soaps, jams, chutneys and honey of all kinds; garden animals such as beautiful hens, ducklings, and bunnies, for a a garden that feels like home. And, just like at home, there will be excellent food curated by the chef Massimo Spigaroli, who will present local products from his farm Antica Corte Pallavicina.


The smell of flowers and the aroma of greenery will also come to the historic downtown of Ravenna in Piazza Kennedy. Flower growers from all over Italy will put on the event Ravenna in bloom, a unique garden of various flowers and plants, also indoor varieties, garden plants and fruit. From Sicily there will be lemon and orange trees, from Tuscany azaleas and rhododendrons, and also oriental Bonsai, colorful roses and prized orchids. There will also be an area for themed crafts and garden and outdoor equipment, hobby items and food. April 22-23.


On the Adriatic Coast the colorful Cattolica in Fiore will welcome visitors from April 28 to May 1, the 45th market exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants. Avenues, squares and streets downtown will be transformed into splendid flowering gardens thanks to the over 150 stands present. The varieties offered range from the most common flowers suited to the Italian territory to rare and unusual plant and flower species. The side events offer a continuous flow of exhibitions, concerts, competitions and fireworks for a whole weekend dedicated to outdoor life.



Flower by flower, spring will also reach Ferrara with its magnificent Estense Gardens, from April 29 to May 1. This market exhibition of rare and unusual plants, of gardening tools and green spaces, looks back at Renaissance gardeners in the Este city which, as early as 1500, were requested by European courts for their botanical knowledge. Qualified exhibitors will display rare plants downtown, gardening tools and equipment for taking care of green spaces. You can also take part in guided tours of the historic gardens of the city, book presentations, cooking demonstrations, classes, art shows and conferences.


Plants, flowers, and forgotten fruits will also invade the historic Castle of Paderna, one of the jewels of the Association of Castles of the Parma and Piacenza Duchy.  At this market exhibition of Ancient Fruits, on May 13 and 14, visitors will be able to enjoy special tastings as well as demonstrations, lessons and discussions dedicated to good living and respecting the environment held by experts and professionals in this sector.  And kids are sure to have fun at a play space dedicated to them. In the enchanting arcade-covered courtyards, the towers and the moat populated by fish and ducks, you can walk among roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, and orchids, enjoying the food made at the food stands while discovering the displays of handmade crafts.


May 13 and 14 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) will be in full bloom with the "Flowering Balconies" competition that will adorn the entire historic downtown with the colorful gifts of this season.  In Piazza Ganganelli, the market exhibition of flowers and plants will be set up with about one hundred stands.  Along with it there will also be a market of crafts, antiques and natural and herbal products.  Market stalls, food stands, sweets, shows and exhibitions will entertain the whole family.



Also Bologna will reveal its green heart, with "Diverdeinverde" where the city, both downtown and in the hills, will open more than forty private gardens to the public.  Concerts, lectures and other events linked to this theme will help visitors discover a green, precious, and surprising Bologna, in particular because many of these gardens are well kept secrets.  May 19-21.


We will move back up north to Castel San Giovanni, near Piacenza, where Floravilla welcomes us in the splendid setting of the park at Villa Braghieri. The stars are the same, flowers and ornamental plants, fruit trees, aromatic herbs and vegetables, rare and unusual varieties. There will also be an area where you can meet with experts, a craft and quality food area, workshops, and games about nature for kids. May 20-21.


The last weekend of the month, from Friday, May 26, Cervia will celebrate the 45th edition of "Cervia Città Giardino" and will host artists, technicians and landscape architects from 50 cities and Italian and foreign entities that will transform the gardens and greenery of its streets as well as those of Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.  These seaside towns will become works of art, giving life to an outdoor exhibition.  On May 27 and 28, there will also be the Green Market dedicated to those who love gardening and herbs, open from the morning to 11pm, with plants, flowers, natural products, vases and outdoor furniture.

The masterpieces of this event - 270,000 flower plants and thousands of square meters of grassy carpeting - can be admired until September 30.


Plants and flowers are also at the center of  "Castello in fiore" in Bobbio (Pc). In the splendid Malaspina Dal Verme Castle, located in the heart of the Val Trebbia, those who love nature can wander among the best deals of a qualified market exhibition and participate in meetings, book presentations and cultural events on the theme of gardening. From "Craftsmen in the Garden" to the "Children's Garden" and the "Painted Garden", there will be many surprises as well. June 3-4.


And if your desire to stay outside still has not been satisfied?

Continue your tour by taking part in the guided visits and excursions in Emilia-Romagna to discover the nature, art and history of these lands.



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