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Home Mushrooms and truffles fairs – Autumn 2016

Mushrooms and truffles fairs – Autumn 2016

The season changes and along with it the smells and flavors at the table change, heralding the arrival of autumn.  Products that grow in the underbrush pop up, such as mushrooms and truffles, which in the kitchen can be used to make tasty recipes while in the areas where they grow they will become the subject of many fairs and festivals, which in turn become happy meeting places for enthusiasts, professionals or those who just love to eat good food.



This food itinerary begins in the province of Piacenza, in San Giorgio Piacentino, which will host theMushroom Fair and Mushroom Gatherer Palio” on the weekend of September 16-18.  Along with the traditional market exhibition of mushrooms in the streets and squares of the town, there will also be food stands and music.  Fifteen pairs of expert mushroom gatherers from as many towns near Piacenza will face off in the original Mushroom Gatherer Palio, now in its 20th edition.  The biggest mushroom or the best looking mushroom composition wins.


In the woods located in the heart of the Parma Apennines, near the towns of Borgo Val di Taro, Albareto, and Pontremoli, gathering mushrooms is a traditional activity and has been for centuries.  In Borgo Val di Taro, there will be the 41st edition of the fair dedicated to the mushroom of Borgotaro, a PGI porcino. This fair is special not only for the food events such as tastings of local products, live cooking, cooking demos, street good and "Aperifunghi", but also for the cultural events and entertainment such as exhibitions, meetings and conferences, workshops, DJ sets, folk music in the streets and flag wavers. September 16-18 and 24-25.


Following the unmistakeable smell of these gluttonous underbrush products, we arrive at the fair in Sant'Anna Pelago (Mo) where delicious food stands and a mycological exhibition are dedicated to the porcini mushroom.  Nature enthusiasts can take part in a historic-nature excursion to discover the cultural and landscape attractions in this area, or they can participate in a mycological outing with an expert guide.  The winner of the competition for the heaviest porcino mushroom will receive the prize of a seasonal pass for gathering mushrooms in 2017. September 17.


Near Bologna, Castel del Rio dedicates a whole festival to truffles, with recipes using this unmistakeable product and the traditional market offering visitors local products, including the chance to buy this prized tuber.  Every day, on the weekends of September 10-11 and 17-18, there will be a lively events with music, dancing, and shows for adults and children.


Also welcoming autumn is the Tartufesta 2016”, the classic fair that wanders through the flavors of the Bolognese hills, which will be held every weekend in October and November until Sunday, November 20.  This event, which every year welcomes thousands of visitors from all over Italy, makes it possible to get to know the lands and food traditions of Emilia.  Also this year there will be many "TartuLibri", "TartuMenù" and "TartuMercati" (truffle books, menus and markets) and of course the "TartuVisite", guided excursions in the woods to look for mushrooms and truffles and to explore the local towns.  There will also be "TartuEventi", including informative meetings and tastings held by local producers, mycological and photograph exhibitions, food stands, truffle dog competitions, conventions and themed meetings.

Every Sunday in October there will also be the "National Prized White Truffle Fair" in Sant'Agata Feltria, in the province of Rimini, where you can find, besides the sought after tuber, also other autumn products that this Apennine area has to offer such as mushrooms, chestnuts, honey, herbs, pasteurized products and vegetables.  The town will be dotted with food stands, craft markets, vineyard stands, exhibitions and shows.  The truffle dog competition will allow visitors to witness the exciting moment of searching for truffles in the company of loyal dogs. October 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.


In the lovely medieval town of Bobbio (PC), on October 9, there will be a whole day to get to know and taste the prized underbrush products and local wines. At the "Mushroom and Truffle Fair and Grape Festival" the market exhibition of mushrooms and truffles will be united with that of the grape harvest. There will be a truffle dog competition and the local restaurants will offer typical local dishes made with mushrooms and truffles.

At the "Bondeno Truffle Fair", in the province of Ferrara, it is possible to find three different kinds of truffles. The floodplain origins of these lands and the existence of the right type of trees and bushes in fact make Bondeno one of the most important towns nationally for the prized white truffle. From October 7 to 9 and 14 to 16, visitors can taste this truffle in all of its various forms: from classic, delicious dishes to more exotic desserts such as a soft pumpkin cake and white truffle flavored mascarpone as well as black truffle gelato.

On the third and fourth Sundays of October, the "50th Truffle Fair and Festival" will celebrate the king of the table which grows wild here on the green hills around the town of Dovadola (FC). During the fair, the “sfogline”, volunteer pasta makers, will be at work with their rolling pins rolling out 2,000 eggs worth of egg tagliatelle to be served with meat sauce and truffles. It will also be possible to buy truffles of every size along the streets of the town, watch musical performances, visit art exhibitions, and enjoy entertainment for children. Sunday, October 16 and 23.


The prestigious white truffle will be the star from November 11 to 27 in the town of Sant'Agostino, in the province of Ferrara, at the ninth "Autumn Truffle Festival": while nature is having fun coloring the trees red and orange, the Don Isidoro Ghedini oratory will become an area in which recipes using this prized truffle will make for some excellent dishes for visitors to enjoy. Those who would like to combine good food with an outdoor experience can participate in the guided excursions of the Panfilia Woods, to really enjoy nature.

In Mondaino (RN) for two whole days - November 13 and 20 - there will be the market exhibition of the prized white truffle of the Rimini hills and the festival dedicated to unearthing pit cheese. In the square and streets near the castle, at the market stands, there will be many gluttonous surprises that can be tasted at food stands and bought from local producers. But not only: for the occasion there will also be craftsmen from Mondaino who will do demonstrations of their crafts. This and much more at "Pit cheese, truffles and Venus".


All of the autumn fairs and festivals in Emilia Romagna


Our recipes based in mushrooms and truffles


Consommè with bignolini of parmigiano reggiano and hill truffles

Yellow pumpkin cream with Borgotaro porcini

Garisenda Fry

Fried porcini mushrooms of Borgotaro

Mushrooms canned in oil

Pasticcio di maccheroni Ferrara style

Baked potatoes with truffles

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms


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