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Pink Night 2018

Pink Night 2018 is back for its 13th edition, Friday, July 6, with many events all weekend long, all along the 130 kilometers of the Adriatic Riviera between Comacchio and Pesaro.


The spirit, identity, the strength of an event capable of bringing together different generations and heterogenous “tribes” represents a place dedicated to hospitality and loved for its passion, warmth and the spontaneity of its people and the importance of spending time together.


And this year Pink Night will be spent with Alvaro Soler, Nina Zilli, Maria Antonietta, Noemi, Gemelli Diversi, Paola Turci, Annalisa, Giusy Ferreri, Caparezza and many others.


Pink Night is not just pink by name but it is pink everywhere, on the streets and in the squares with decorations and lights, among people with pink clothes and accessories, and among bars and restaurants with pink menus and pink piadina (they’re edible!) – so a great “pink tide” that goes from the beach into the heart of the cities of the Romagna Riviera and into Le Marche.

From sunset on Friday, July 6 and for the whole weekend, even all the symbolic places (from Trepponti in Comacchio to the Castle in Gradara, passing through the Grand Hotel and Tiberus’s Bridge in Rimini, the skyscraper in Cesenatico and the Salt Warehouses in Cervia) will be lit up with pink lights, and museums, bars and restaurants, bathing establishments and hotels will be ready to stay up until the wee hours of the night.



Waiting for Pink Night

Also this year before the big night there will be several events. If you love music, in Rimini there will be several interesting concerts such as Caparezza or the legendary Negrita!

At the Palazzo dei Congressi and in the arena set up in Piazzale Ceccarini, in Riccione, from July 2 to Thursday, July 5, the star is the big screen, with Cinè 2018 – Giornate estive di cinema”, the convention and festival of the biggest film productions.

And why would you miss the showing of Amarcord by Federico Fellini, in the homeland of this director in the golden rooms of Cinema Fulgor? If you love art, you can take the opportunity to discover the technological exhibition at the Caravaggio Experience and the works on display in the center of the city at the Biennale del Disegno In Rimini.


From Thursday, July 6, for five evenings, along the Tintori boardwalk in Rimini (from Bagno 20 to Bagno 28), the village “Kennedy Cake” will host the Italian Bartender Championships (Thursday, July 6) and the evening “Tunga with entertainment, music, go-go boys, fire eaters, dance performances and acrobats (July 7), and even duels among disc jockeys at the Dj Parade (Saturday, July 8). Then dive into a happy, carefree atmosphere with the live ’50s bands on Sunday, July 9, and end with the “after fair” of Rimini Sport Dance (Monday, July 11) the biggest sports dance festival in the world which this year will host the world championship of Standard and Latin dance, as well as the European championship of Hip Hop and Break Dance and the world championship of Rock´n´Roll and Boogie Woogie.


Friday, July 6


Little children will be the stars on Friday night in Bellaria-Igea Marina, with the Pink Night for Children, where every corner of the city will be filled with street artists, stilts, percussions, parades, theater, music, puppets and classes where small children become firefighters for a day. Then all the fans of Alvaro Soler will meet up at 10pm on the public access beach of Piazzale Boscovich in Rimini, where the artist will perform, among others, his new single  “La Cintura“, in the top 3 of the singles ranking and in the top 10 of songs most listened to on the radio and on Spotify Italia.


In Riccione, after the concert on the beach at dawn with Francesco De Leo, the party continues in Piazzale Roma, with the Gran Galà del Sole – International Gymnastic Festival, the biggest gymnastics festival of the Mediterranean, followed, after the fireworks show on the beach, by the dj set of Andrea Delogu and Ema Stokholma live on Rai Radio 2 Caterpillar AM. At the Parco Mare Nord in Misano Adriatico from 9pm on there will be a party with the DJs of Virgin Radio and their  Rock Party for the occasion of the Superbike World Championship race at Misano World Circuit “Marco Simoncelli”, with Dj Ringo and the talk show with riders from Superbike and, after that, the live of Andrea Rock and the guitarist Giuseppe Scarpato with his Hillside Power Trio.


In Piazza Primo Maggio in Cattolica the finalist of Sanremo 2018 with her “Il mondo prima di te”, Annalisa, will hold a concert of her Bye Bye Live tour (10pm). The rock and roll spirit will fade into the melodies of strings in Piazzale della Libertà, in Pesaro, with the performance of Edoardo Bennato, who will bring his original project to Pink Night in a special Rossini concert accompanied by the four components of the Quartetto Flegreo (10pm).


Saturday, July 7


The Saturday of Pink Night will begin on the beach at dawn in Rimini. On the shore of Riminiterme (5am), the pianist and composer Remo Anzovino, one of the best musicians of Italian instrumental music, will present his solo project Nocturne, an album which includes collaborations with many international artists with their original musical instruments.


There is another event as the sun comes up also on the central beach in San Mauro Mare (Bagno Sergio e Neri), with the concert Viaggio nella Canzone Italiana d’Autore of the Nicoletta Fabbri Quartet, led by Nicoletta Fabbri, singer of the Maestro Nicola Piovani, who will take the audience on a journey into Italian singer-songwriter songs, with a refined tribute to the great Mina and to Federico Fellini through the music written for his films.


Another event will be held in Piazza Dora Markus in Marina di Ravenna, with the synth pop of the ’80s of the duo Sam & Stenn (9pm), followed by the explosive groove of Soul System, winners of the 2016 edition of X Factor. Then it’s on to Cervia (Ra), with the water of the canal at the Salt Warehouses which will host the evolutions in hydrofly of the show Waterfly 2.0 by Racing Show, with lights, lasers and holograms (from 9pm to midnight), while in the nearby Milano Marittima, on Sunday, July 8 (at 9:30pm) the event will be on the public access beach in Via Spalato, with the showing of a film on a water screen (cinema on the water).


An event not to be missed for the fans of “Blasco” will be held at the Don Guanella Gardens in Gatteo Mare (Fc), with the musical journey full of rock, adrenaline and emotions through the best songs by Vasco of the tribute band Roxy Bar (9:30pm), while in the Piazzale della Capitaneria di Porto in Igea Marina Giusy Ferreri will take the stages with her unique grit (10pm).


Female rock will be the focus in Piazzale Roma in Riccione, with Rai Radio 2 on Tour who will present Maria Antonietta, Paola Turci and Noemi in concert, presented by Andrea Delogu and Ema Stokholma (10pm). Then there is the event for the nostalgics in Cattolica, in Piazza Mercato, with the show “Quasi una leggenda” by Shel Shapiro, which describes his long artistic career lasting more than fifty years (10pm).


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