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The experience of going to Oltremare is unique and stimulates all five senses with the wonders of nature.  One of the biggest dolphin shows in Europe is the heart around which exciting worlds thrive, populated by numerous living species belonging to various eras of evolution.



For its 10th birthday, Oltremare has been renovated in order to offer the public an experience dedicated to learning and fun so visitors can spend a day immersed in nature, science and adventure in the more than 110,000 square metres dedicated to four natural elements – water, air, earth and fire – and to energy.


The new main attraction this season is the Open Lagoon.  For the first time ever in Italy, every day the experts of the dolphin lagoon will be available for visitors so that they have the exciting experience of getting to know the dolphins in the biggest lagoon in Europe.  There will be many events throughout the day such as the “Voice of the dolphins” and “Get to know the dolphins”.  By taking advantage of who takes care of these animals everyday, both adults and children will be able to learn about the life of these creatures, their biology, behaviours, from playing to food, and even their vet care and just watching them swim.

Also worth mentioning among the educational events are: “Meet the dolphin”, “Trainers, what a passion”, “Meet the birds of prey” and “Falconry, what a passion” which will help visitors understand the complex work that is behind taking care of these animals.  Do not miss the very exciting “Flight of the birds of prey”, with free flight and hunting simulations, the amazing flight demonstration and ability of the Forest Parrots and the fun meeting with the friendly animals on the Farm.

At Oltremare visitors can go into the gallery of Pianeta Mare (Planet Sea) which is dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea and tropical seas and to their typical inhabitants and the giants that live here as well.  Six tanks represent different ecosystems which take visitors on a true underwater adventure to get up close and personal with the most varied and interesting marine species.

Pianeta Terra (Plant Earth), thanks to spectacular special effects, offers a journey over 15 billion years in just a few minutes from the Big Bang to the evolution of life on earth, in connection with Darwin.  In the area “Darwin”, under a glass and steel cupola, the most modern technologies allow visitors to breath in the atmosphere of a perfectly reconstructed prehistoric forest.

Rounding out the available activities is the are that reproduces the Po Delta where, among traditional fishing nets and gear, there is a world populated by freshwater fish, stationary and migratory aquatic birds such as storks and herons, and reptiles and amphibians.

Oltremare will amaze the public also with Adventure Island, dedicated to families with children.  This is an over 4,000 square metre area with ropes courses, suspended bridges, ladders, ropes, a river to go on by boat and water cannons for a fun summer battle.


The fascinating setting of the Show Arena this year will offer a new and ironic show, “C’era una Svolta il Musical” (from June 8 to September 14), and back by great demand is also the musical “L’isola che non c’era” (from June 8 to September 14).


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Last modified Aug 13, 2014

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