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At the Oltremare Park in Riccione both adults and children can get caught up in exciting experiences linked to nature, science and adventure in the more than 110,000 square meters dedicated to the four natural elements - earth, wind, fire and water - and to energy.



Taras, the baby bottle-nosed dolphin born in the biggest and most beautiful Dolphin Lagoon in Europe, will be the big star of this theme park.


At the Open Lagoon, created last year for the 10th anniversary of this park, the experts of the dolphin lagoon will be available for visitors so that they can get to know the dolphins, an exciting an informative opportunity.  There will be many events throughout the day such as the “Voice of the dolphins” and “Get to know the dolphins” to learn about the life of these creatures, their biology and behaviors, from playing to food, and even their vet care and just watching them swim, through the experience of those who care for these dolphins everyday.


New in 2015 is the Butterfly Garden, a big greenhouse where visitors can walk among the many colorful butterflies, which are all local species, that fly freely around visitors, attracted by smells and colors.


Oltremare also offers, with an advanced booking, several educational events: “Meet the dolphin”, “Trainers, what a passion”, “Meet the birds of prey” and “Falconry, what a passion” which will help visitors understand the complex work that is behind taking care of these animals.  Visitors can also participate in the exciting “Flight of the birds of prey”, the interesting interaction with the Forest Parrots and the fun face-to-face meeting with the friendly Farm Animals.  Also our four-legged friends will have their moment with special days and demos for dogs and their owners, such as the two new interactive programs "Get to know your dog", and "Give me your paw".


The gallery of Pianeta Mare (Planet Sea) is dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea and tropical seas and to the discovery of their typical inhabitants: six big tanks represent different ecosystems which take visitors on a true underwater adventure to discover the marine species that live in the abysses.


Pianeta Terra (Plant Earth), thanks to spectacular special effects, offers a journey over 15 billion years in just a few minutes from the Big Bang to the evolution of life on earth. Under the glass and steel cupola of “Darwin”, visitors can breathe in the atmosphere of a perfectly reconstructed prehistoric forest. The Po Delta hosts, among traditional fishing nets and gear, a world populated by freshwater fish, stationary and migratory aquatic birds such as storks and herons, and reptiles and amphibians. Dedicated to families with children, Adventure Island is an over 4,000 square meter area with ropes courses, suspended bridges, ladders, a river to go on by boat and water cannons for a fun summer battle.


Emotions, a fantastic new musical by Elena Ronchetti, will be the new show for 2015, starting on June 14. Emotions is a phantasmagorical magical show, a poetic illusion which reveals its true nature to be constantly changing, where the barriers between reality and imagination fall away, with 14 extraordinary dancers that become flowers, birds, and dreams among the magical settings of the Oltremare Theatre.


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