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The experience of going to Oltremare is unique and stimulates all five senses with the wonders of nature.  One of the biggest dolphin shows in Europe is the heart around which exciting worlds thrive, populated by numerous living species belonging to various eras of evolution.




There are many new events at Oltremare park for the 2013 season, with a particular focus on shows.  The IMAX will host two new events this year: “Sand Stories” by Gabriella Compagnone, a natural talent who moulds sand with her hands and creates a series of characters that meet, blend together, are reborn, and disappear.  Grain after grain narrates this adventure and describes the ever-changing landscapes and horizons.


Inside the new Oltremare Theatre the flight of the “Tropicals” will amaze young and old alike: friendly tropical parrots will show off the acrobatic skills of these magnificent and colourful birds.


On June 1st, there will also be the début of  "Neverland Island", a new, exciting musical created by Elena Ronchetti in the fascinating scenery of the Oltremare arena.


But the new events do not stop here.  Also the Oltremare "classics" have been completely redone, the dolphin show, the birds of prey show and the funny Happy Farm.  The park will also be enlivened by the presence of incredible characters, who will most certainly entertainment and surprise visitors.


Oltremare is ready to amaze you again, thanks to the formula “The second day you get in free”, visitors will have the right to come back another time for free when they want during the season.


As for educational entertainment, there is Pianeta Mare (Planet Sea) which is completely dedicated to the Adriatic and to its inhabitants: four large tanks and two touch pools will lead visitors on a true “underwater adventure” up close and personal with the most varied and interesting marine species.

And as if all of this were not enough, Oltremare will fascinate you with the waterways of Adventure Island, the natural itineraries in the Po Delta, the trip into the distant age of dinosaurs in the world of Darwin and also a journey back in time in Pianeta Terra (Planet Earth) to the moment of the Big Bang.


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Last modified Apr 15, 2014

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