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Home The Events for Epiphany 2018 – the celebrations of the “Befana”

The Events for Epiphany 2018 – the celebrations of the “Befana”

She’s not young, but she’s clever, she isn’t beautiful but she’s nice, she doesn’t travel by car… but on a broom. No other explanation is needed to be able to imagine the most loved old lady expected in the new year.


"The Befana comes at night"... and in Emilia Romagna on January 6, and the whole weekend from the 5th to the 7th, spread throughout the towns and cities there will be many events, which will continue the spirit of the Christmas holidays and, more importantly, start 2018 off right.



You should definitely go to the 14th century town of Grazzano Visconti (Pc) if you do not want to miss "Viva viva la Befana", a day full of themed events that end the program of festivities in this town. A market of the Befana, roasted chestnuts, sweets and mulled wine, street food, special tours of the castle park, all this and more will accompany you to the evening and the moment the good Befana arrives, who will be accompanied by the unemployed chimney sweep. The evening continues with a special Flash Mob Befana and the big bonfire "Brusa la Vecia" to burn the bad Befana.


Let’s follow the Befana on her journey on her broom and we can make a stop at the Castle of Gropparello (Pc). Here, on the hills of Piacenza, all the boys and girls will gather together for a test. A big adventure in the woods to fight ogres and witches and to defend the castle from attacks by Evil, and then a reception for the little Knights and the little Dames in the Party Hall, where they will have to take on the challenge of the Befana, defending themselves with their good deeds done throughout the year, summoning up their courage to do the challenges that the Befana sets for them.


All our troubles will also be swept away with the burning of the hag in San Matteo della Decima (Bo). This is one of the most traditional events where in the countryside large puppets that look like"La Vècia" (old hag) a dozen meters tall are burnt. This is a chance to meet up around the fire all together and enjoy the simplicity of traditions such as mulled wine, wine, bread or focaccia bread with salamis, cracklings, or mortadella.


The “hag” that burns represents the past year, from the ashes of which the new year is born. The sweets that the Befana brings represent the seeds, the gifts of the year to come, the broom is the tool needed to sweep away the old year and her socks with holes represent the walk of life.


Our journey with the old lady continues on to Dozza (Bo), where the Three Wise Men will come for the 29th edition of this event. This traditional re-enactment of the Epiphany will include a parade in costume in the town, with a departure at 3pm from the Church of San Lorenzo.


Not just coal but also sweets, only for the nicest people of course, will be given out in huge quantities in Comacchio during "Avan la Vacie". Entertainment in the square with shows, Music, and many stockings for everyone, the Befana March, workshops and markets, until the grand finale  with a fireworks show and the Befana who flies away waving to all the children.


But the Befana of Emilia Romagna despite her age is fit and every year meets up with all the volleyball enthusiasts in Bellaria Igea Marina (Rn) with her tournament Happyfania Volley, a national youth volleyball tournament from January 4 to 6.

Also in the magnificent town of San Leo (Rn) the Befana will stay for the whole weekend with games, entertainment and concerts on January 5, a journey into our childhood with the fairytales and stories of Wolfango and Tiziana Roversi on Saturday, January 6, the Semilampo della Befana tournament and the playful guided tour to discover the history of the Fortress on Sunday, January 7.


And what will you choose, a trick or a treat?


Follow the flight of the Befana


Last modified Dec 18, 2017

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