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The glass masters

Province of Modena

glass masters

As regards glass working, in the laboratories in Modena, Carpi and San Felice sul Panaro it is still possible to discover the secrets and techniques of the ancient glass masters.

In their laboratories they manufacture Tiffany lamps, chandeliers, appliques, wall and table clocks, picture frames, plates, pots, doilies, small objects and pieces of furniture.

The manufacturing in Modena between the 19th and the 20th century, characterised by the green colour, is witnessed in the Civic Museum in Modena, through the exhibition of small pots, glasses, cruets and bottles, used for storing balsamic vinegar.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning the polychrome windows of many churches in the area, manufactured following this ancient art.




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Last modified May 15, 2012

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