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Home Traditional artistic handicraft Wood manufactured Piacenza. The working of wood according to the “Stile Grazzano”

Piacenza. The working of wood according to the “Stile Grazzano”

Province of Piacenza

wood processing graziano method

Even if in the second half of the 19th century in Grazzano, feud of the Marquis Filippo Anguissola, a joinery run by Donnino Borlenghi was already working, the hamlet flourished thanks to Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone, and the local crafts improved and the technique mixed taste and creativity.

As a result, the creative handicraft flourished to conceive the "Grazzano style", whose shapes take inspiration from the 15th century, when castles were built.

It is a style characterised by the bas-relief with thick and deep carvings, with characters first drawn and then hand carved by the artist to highlight contours with a precise and patient work.

The range of products comprises chests, frames, trays with images of leaves, frame-decorated bookcases, with decoration and plant themes, lower doors with panels made up of edges with twisted thread, often characterised by an amphora with flowers, foot with ferine paw, chestnut console with underlying band carved in the shape of rosettes and side posts adorned with decorations of palms.

Moreover, the range comprises tables, desks with a rectangular or round surface edged by an indented frame with lozenge carved drawers, chairs with the back whose post is carved in the upper part in the shape of a leaf of acanthus, or a precise line, carved in decorative frames and radially, with straight legs united by a traverse made of a volute with shapes of leaves, images of dolphins and other kinds.

Grazzano is still today a centre of high quality production according to the style that has made it famous.


Grazzano Visconti

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