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A summer of music

Summer in Emilia-Romagna is carried out to the beat of music.  Many events will be offered once again this year in excellent places, in small and big towns – at the sea, in cities of art, and in the Apennines – which will act as the stage for numerous concerts, many of which are free of charge with high quality performers.


From the full schedule, we have highlighted a few of the main festivals and summer events which include music genres of every type, from rhythm and blues and pop to rock, from classic and contemporary music to modern and popular, thus offering a wide range of listening options for any type of audience.




Among the events not to be missed, we would first like to mention the 8th edition of the Emilia Romagna Festival, the biggest summer showcase of the region which offers 36 events from July 3 to September 22, dispersed throughout the provinces of Bologna, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Ferrara and held, as always, in exceptional places dedicated to the discovery of nature, architectonic traditions and culture.


sagramusicalemalatestianasmall.jpgThe musical summer in Rimini continues with the 64th edition of the “Sagra Musicale Malatestiana”, one of the most ancient and well known symphonic festivals in Italy, with its typical crossover of arts, from music to theater, dance, literature and visual arts.  Heart of the event are the “Concerti Sinfonici”, with two of the most important Italian orchestras, the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai and the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, as well as prestigious European companies; other important events will be “Suite Michelangelo”, curated by the group Città di Ebla della Suite on the rhymes by Michelangelo di Šostakovic, and two special dates dedicated to the great Federico Fellini. Rounding out this festival are many side events.  Until September 24. The sounds of "Rimini Jazz" will fill this Roman city with its energetic notes.  Now in its 13th edition, this festival of traditional jazz will explore this genre from its origins, from Dixieland to swing, and the great musicians of the twenties and thirties, which make up many jazz repertoires today.  There will be famous bands playing such as Luca Velotti Swing Ensemble, Swiss Yerba Buena Creole Rice Jazz Band with the special guest Jean-François Bonnel, and the Mondaino Young Orchestra. September 7-9.


SLICKsmall.jpgAt the Lidi ravennati (beaches of Ravenna) young people can gather at the bathing establishments on the beach which will offer entertainment and conviviality almost every evening: forRockin’ before Moondogs #3” at Boca Barranca in Marina Romea the best rockabilly bands from around the world will play (until September 13, free admission), while at the “Hana-Bi Sessions” in Marina di Ravenna American folk rock, indie rock, Northern European and Anglo-saxon bands, as well as pop in all its various forms, will all have their day.  Until September 14, free admission. It will be very easy to go from the beaches to Ravenna the city of art. Here majestic music will reverberate throughout the Basilica di San Vitale, with its splendid mosaics, for the “52nd International Organ Music Festival”, where the star will be the ancient Masonic organ of this UNESCO heritage site, played by the best international organ players.  Until September 2, free admission.


DeliziaCopparosmall.jpgOur musical journey then moves on to the province of Ferrara meeting up with the“Delizie destate”, a full summer calendar of shows and cultural events that takes place at many historically significant places throughout the province of Ferrara. In Piazza della Libertà in Copparo various genres can be heard at “Delizie Destate – Delizia di Copparo”, among which are the concerts dedicated to the Beatles and Pink Floyd and to the drummer Tony Morelli, and events with pop music and new young talents. Until September 4, free admission. The historical centre of Comacchio will be the stage for the first edition of the festival “Direzione Comacchio", which will host wandering music shows and concerts of jazz and funk music and one dedicated to Ellade Bandini, a famous drummer who will be present at this event.  Every music show will be enhanced by the transformation of the surrounding areas by very capable artists.  September 7, 14, 21.  Free admission.


corticortilismall.jpgNot to mention the towns in the plains of Bologna which will offer a wide range of ancient, classical, modern and contemporary, ethnic and jazz music events in lovely places of both environmental and historical importance, thanks to the traditional summer festival “Corti, chiese e cortili. XXVII edizione” (Yards, churches and courtyards, 27th edition), on schedule in the months of August and September. Music will also echo from the pipes of some four hundred organs located throughout the province of Bologna for the 25th edition of “Ancient Organs”.  As part of a twenty event program, some dates will be dedicated to musicians celebrating anniversaries this year, such as Verdi, Wagner, and the madrigal artist Gesualdo da Venosa.  The aim of this festival is to get away from nationalism and to embrace the lesser known aspects of history in a journey to discover some very surprising music.  September 6 – December 15.  Free admission.


armoniosamente.jpgThe summer music repertoire of Emilia will also include, in the province of Modena“Armoniosamente”, a festival with forty events such as concerts and "moving conferences" dedicated to discovering the most beautiful places in this area, from the ancient little towns in the Apennines near Modena to the historic villas along the Panaro river.  Until September 18.  Free admission. Again near Modena, there will be the event "Artinscena", a music, theatre and dance festival, where, alongside performances by both up and coming artists and famous show business names such as Simone Cristicchi, Ugo Pagliai, David Riondino, Duilio Pizzocchi, Enrico Beruschi, Marco Della Noce and Giovanni Vernia, there will also be high level workshops, with classes and lessons held by international experts.  Until September 29, free admission.


controtempismall.jpgNear Parma there will be the 12th edition of “Controtempi”, a music festival offering various musical retrospectives, from the interesting sound elaborations of the 1960s to today. Besides the musical entertainment, there will also be meetings and films. Among the artists performing are Cesare Basile, the Giuradei and Hugo race fatalists. Until September 12, free admission. Again near Parma, there will be the eleventh edition of the music festival "Musica in castello", which until September 7 will host musical events, meetings with artists, and dance performances in the most beautiful fortress courtyards, castles, parish churchyards and under ancient colonnades. Free admission.

Traditions and customs will be brought back to life at the "Appennino Festival", in the Apennines near Piacenza, with dancing, singing, music, poetry and typical local food festivals, to help guests discover one of the most important traditional repertoires in Europe.  Until October 20.  Free admission.


BEPPESERVILLO.jpgOur regional showcase must also include the “Valtidone Festival”, a transient concert series with events held in castles, villas, palaces, squares and the most enchanting corners of the Val Tidone and of Piacenza, which is dedicated to fans of classical and ethnic-jazz music.  Among the stars performing are Peppe Servillo, Fabrizio Bosso, Flavio Boltro, Mattia Cigalini, Jan Lundgren, Funk Off and Carling Family representing jazz; Elisabetta Garetti with classical music; Giacomo Prestia and Anna Maria Chiuri presenting lyrical music. Until October 31.

For the complete calendar of events "A summer of music"

Last modified Aug 26, 2013

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