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Outdoors adventures

Apennines & Nature

Outdoors adventures

Emilia Romagna highlights
24th Sprint Kite News

24th Sprint Kite News

This event on the free beach in Cervia is dedicated to the special disciplines of acrobatic and extreme kite flying.  Delighting the public are also the rokkaku fighting competitions, great Japanese kites used for centuries for fighting among town factions.  September 26-28.

roBOt 07 #lostmemories

roBOt 07 #lostmemories

After the preview at the Teatro Comunale with James Holden, this international event dedicated to electronic music and digital arts in Bologna will go live with even more international contemporary music.  October 1-5.

Autumn Trilogy

Autumn Trilogy

The 25th edition of Ravenna Festival will end with a new “Autumn Trilogy” which will have as its star the Ballet – and the Youth Orchestra – of the Teatro Mariinskij of Saint Petersburg.  On schedule are “Swan Lake”, “Giselle” and  the “Triptych of the 20th Century”.  October 2-10.

What not to miss

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Everyone at the table for mushrooms and truffles!

The season changes as well as the smells and flavors at the table change - autumn is here and with it the delights of the underbrush, in particular mushrooms and truffles, celebrated with delicious combinations at the tasty town fairs and festivals around the region.

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Autumn historical reenactments

Glorious deeds, duels, valiant battles, knights and soldiers, mercenaries and flag-wavers, folk dancing and abundant libations will bring times gone by back to the present, for a trip back in time to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and up to the 19th century.

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Festival “Aperto” (Open) 2014

This event in Reggio Emilia, now in its sixth edition, offers fifty shows, including the replicas, all dedicated to contemporary performances and eight world premieres in the short span of just over a month.  The shows will include dance, music and theater performances.  September 27 – 2 November.

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TTG Incontri – TTI Travel Trade Italia

TTG Incontri will be held in Rimini and is the 51st edition of this b2b tourism trade fair dedicated to professionals only with 100 buyers from 60 countries,  along with TTI, the workshop on Incoming, as well as a full program of seminars, and meetings dedicated to startups and bloggers.  October 9-11.

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Golden Night

Music, Storytelling, Images and Play are the themes of this night full of events, shows and very interesting guided tours that will fill the streets and squares of historic downtown, as well as the theaters and most evocative places of the city, until the first light of dawn.  October 11-12.

What's going on now


Markets filled with delicacies and traditional crafts held in the historic downtowns offer a great opportunity to dig through the stands and find unusual gifts with which to fill your pockets.

What to do

Bike paths in the Parks Bike paths in the Parks

In 9 national parks and one nature reserve, 10 new bike paths will open with a series of excursions and tastings from September 20 to 28.  The itineraries are great for anyone who likes biking and they can easily be reached by train.

Hiking in the Alta Via trail in the ParksHiking in the Alta Via trail in the Parks

For hikers and those who love old pathways, we recommend the longest hiking trail in the Emilia Romagna Apennines: 500 km divided up into 27 sections crossing over eight parks, accompanied by a full calendar of events.


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