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Outdoors adventures

Apennines & Nature

Outdoors adventures

Emilia Romagna highlights
End of summer food fairs

End of summer food fairs

The end of summer is near and the best time for those who love good food and traditions is about to begin: Emilia Romagna, the queen of Italian food and wine, will be filled with various festivals and fairs dedicated to seasonal products and recipes, for a real gourmet experience.

Verdi Off

Verdi Off

The inauguration of the preview of the Verdi Festival will be held with a great dance celebration in the Courtyard of the Pilotta, then continuing on waiting for the main event in Parma and nearby areas with Verdi nights, music and cocktails, cinema, picnics in the grass, storytelling, ceremonies, and concerts. September 22 – October 22.

Modena Motor Gallery

Modena Motor Gallery

The land of motors makes room for the exhibition exchange of vintage cars and motorcycles, at the fairgrounds and in downtown Modena, with high level shows and exhibitions, such as the special show of Ferrari of Sergio Scaglietti or the celebration of the 70 years since the first Ferrari car. September 23-24.

What not to miss

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This most challenging triathlon of swimming, running and biking will be held among the waters, streets, nature and beauty of Cervia and nearby areas and welcomes many foreign athletes. The day after the competition continues with the 5150 Cervia Triathlon. September 21, 23-24.

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Gardens and Terraces “Green Ravenna”

For those who love gardening, plant nurseries and the outdoors stopping in Ravenna is a must, with three days dedicated to cultural events, exhibitions and demonstrations at this huge exhibition market of plants, flowers and outdoor life. September 22-24.

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Italian Koi Show

The art of the Japanese garden will come to Cesena with its 4th edition, full of new trends and traditions from the Orient. Besides the Italian Koi Show Championship dedicated to Koi carps, there will be workshops, yoga, judo and kendo and an entire area dedicated to Japanese food. September 23-24.

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Open Balsamic Vinegar Producers

To taste and get to know the real Balsamic vinegar do not miss the open balsamic vinegar producers. More than 30 producers in the province of Modena will guide you on the discovery of the most prized food treasures of this area. September 24.

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Historic reenactments

The ancient splendors and glorious deeds that left their mark on history will come back to life at the Palios and festivals in costume that, all over Emilia Romagna, will pop up in historical town centers, ancient castles or seaside towns with tournaments and challenges,  past habits and crafts, dancing, parades and ceremonies.

What's going on now


Markets filled with delicacies and traditional crafts held in the historic downtowns offer a great opportunity to dig through the stands and find unusual gifts with which to fill your pockets.

What to do

Slow AutumnSlow Autumn

Witness the slow change of the landscape and fall foliage at the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna, with unique experiences including hikes, workshops, exhibitions, photography workshops, town fairs and tastings of local food. Until November 5.

Art for art's sakeArt for art's sake

Join us in our journey into art through the works of Mirò and the Beatles in Bologna; the 70 years of Ferrari in Modena, the works by Elliott Erwitt in Forlì; “Art for art. From Previati to Mentessi, from Boldini to De Pisis” in Ferrara, "Deco Ceramics. The taste of an era" in Faenza.

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