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Outdoors adventures

Emilia Romagna highlights
Renaissance Carnival

Renaissance Carnival

The historical reenactment of this Carnival that the Este noble family used to celebrate in the 15th and 16th centuries is a great chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Ferrara court at the time of Duke Ercole I d’Este and Isabella D'Este, and to relive the splendors of that era with banquets, dancing, and parties at the palace. February 4-7.

Carnival in the castles of the Duchy

Carnival in the castles of the Duchy

With Busseto as their center, the castles of Compiano (Pr), Gropparello (Pc) and the Rocca di Sanvitale in Fontanellato (Pr) will offer carnival parties for all tastes, from the most traditional kind to more romantic ones, from fairy tale carnivals to festive ones. February 6-7, 14, 21.

Cento Carnevale d'Europa

Cento Carnevale d'Europa

There will be five Sundays dedicated to this international carnival.  The famous allegorical papier-mâché floats, up to 15 meters tall, will parade around Cento with more than 200 participants, with games and gadgets being thrown out to the public, shows and surprises. February 7, 14, 21, 28.

What not to miss

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Ferrara in Jazz

The upcoming events on schedule for this jazz festival held in the historic Torrione San Giovanni are the Friday Jazz Dinner with Silvia Donati together with Giancarlo Bianchetti and Roberto Rossi  on Friday, February 5, and James Cartes Organ Trio, an internationally famous American band, on Saturday, February 6.

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St. Apollonia and St. Valentine Fair

There will be two weekends of festivities in Bellaria Igea Marina (Rn), which will celebrate the patron saint with shows, stands, and food which will be followed by two days dedicated to lovers with markets, expositions, and special menus.  February 6-7, 9 and 13-14.

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Valentine's Day in the Castles

An invite for lovers to discover the castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza which will offer a romantic occasion in a fairy tale setting, with candlelight dinners and guided tours among antique frescoes, from dancing in the evenings to overnight stays in a suite. February 13-14.

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This international manifestation of high quality antiques held at ModenaFiere turns 30.  Along with the market exhibition there will also be the expos Petra, dedicated to outdoor antiques, and Excelsior, on Italian painting from the late 1800s.  February 14-22.

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Art exhibitions

From the calendar of events, worth mentioning in Bologna is “Egypt. Millennium of Splendor”. In Modena there is the show "Ferrari meets Pavarotti" and in Ferrara the exhibition dedicated to De Chirico “Metaphysics and avant-garde”.

What's going on now


Markets filled with delicacies and traditional crafts held in the historic downtowns offer a great opportunity to dig through the stands and find unusual gifts with which to fill your pockets.

What to do

Dressing up for carnival Dressing up for carnival

The tradition of this ancient popular festival remembers, with a burlesque spirit, that any joke is a good one.  Among costume balls, competitions and prizes, typical sweets and folk bands the highlight is always the parades of floats in the town centers, with laughter and confetti.

Carnival SweetsCarnival Sweets

In the magical period of this transgressive festival, it has always been sweets which brought joy to household tables, even the poorest, before Lent began. Here we have for you a few tasty recipes passed down over time.


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