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Home 90 years of the Mille Miglia, a vintage car race

90 years of the Mille Miglia, a vintage car race

There are 90 candles for the Mille Miglia to blow out this year during the four days from May 18-21. At this vintage car race, famous worldwide and ready to go along the whole boot, there will be more than 450 cars present representing 36 nations and 5 continents.



The competing cars, the models of which are those that have participated in – or enrolled in – one of the speed editions from 1927-1957, will cross through more than 200 municipalities, 7 Italian regions and the Republic of San Marino. The departure will be from Brescia with the arrival in Rome and then the return trip to Brescia again, along a journey of four legs.


During the 2nd leg Padua-Rome in the area of Emilia the towns passed through will be Ferrara, Ravenna, Gambettola, while the 3rd leg Rome-Parma will see the cars pass by the cities of Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena, Reggio Emilia, to then arrive in Parma on Saturday, May 20 and, the next day, go on to the 4th and last leg Parma-Brescia going through also Busseto near Parma.


Confirming how the Mille Miglia continues to represent what Enzo Ferrari defined as a “one of a kind traveling museum”, the public who will witness the four legs can admire 440 vintage cars of extraordinary historic, technical and sport value, belonging to eighty two different car manufacturers with hundreds of different models. Rounding out this number never before reached by a classic car competition are the other ten automobiles belonging to the “Military Category", driven by high ranking officers of the various Italian Armed Forces, just like in the Mille Miglia of 1952. These 450 masterpieces of design and mechanics, build before 1957 (the year of the last speed edition), will give life to an automobile showcase beyond comparison, along about 1,700 km of Italian roads, which will be made even more fascinating by another 150 cars – produced after 1958 – participating in the "Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia" and in the "Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge", reserved for more modern cars of these two manufacturers.



The Mille Miglia is the only way possible to admire, all at once, priceless treasures that have written the most beautiful pages of international car history. Among the Museums that will send their cars to Brescia there are Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche. Among the cars belonging to private owners or those of museums, there will be ninety-two examples that will return to Brescia after having competed in at least one of the editions of the Mille Miglia, between 1927 and 1957.

Among the pre-chosen, the makes most represented are Alfa Romeo with 46 cars (chosen out of 72 enrolled), followed by FIAT with 36 (out of 61 enrolled) and by two other makes with 35: Lancia (54) and Mercedes-Benz (49). After that, there are Bugatti with 23 (all those enrolled) and Jaguar wth 21 (47) just like Porsche (35); the Ferrari on the starting line will be 15 (out of 17 enrolled), 14 Aston Martins (34), 13 O.M. (obviously all of the examples of this manufacturer, made in Brescia, were accepted), 12 BMW and 11 Maserati. The list of participants is completed by other makes for a total of 82 brands.

The main new additions to the 2017 edition, besides the commemorative brand of the ninetieth birthday, are about the sports aspect with a substantial increase of the number of timed trials, which go up to 112, plus 18 timings in 7 trials with a minimum average speed. The final ranking, after the application of the coefficients will be made up of a total of 130 timed legs.


Among these, for the first time, the Mille Miglia will host some “show trials” in the squares of Verona, Castelfranco Veneto, Ferrara, Pistoia, Busseto and Canneto sull’Oglio. The last timed trials of the Mille Miglia 2017, which will decide the ranking, will be done in a lovely setting: the tracks of the Tornado of the 6th Stormo of the Military Airport of Ghedi.


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