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The local editorial offices, which were activated by various Local Authorities following an agreement with the Region, are at the heart of the system. They are run at a municipal level (though they can involve more than one municipality) with the aim of gathering and and organising information which is useful to tourists and which can be consulted at tourist information offices or via the internet. The rules and standards are established by the Region in collaboration with the Editorial Offices which have the responsibilty of evaluating the tourism opportunities of its area according to the following practice:

  • Selecting information
  • Identifying sources of information and gathering the necessary data
  • Deciding how to deal with the information with the aim of making it useful and exploitable
  • Presenting the information and making it available via a database and a local website
  • Updating the local site and the information contained

The project was launched at the beginning of 1997 with Regional co-financing involving eleven pilot centres and broadened, in 1998, to a futher eight local centres.


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