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Regional Site

The setting-up of a regional tourist site on Internet clearly recognisable and immediately locatable is an essential element in the development of the entire project of the system. Via the site the Regional Site must offer the user:

  • an image of a unitary information system at a regional level;
  • easy access to local sites thereby forming a unique and uniform point of access to the various tourist resources of the different territories;
  • information or services of collective public interest and of public usefulness conforming to the objectives and to the tasks of the Public Authority;

The Regional Site in particular carries out the following:

  • the structuring of the regional Internet site dedicated to tourism which gives visibility to the Local Sites;
  • monitoring of the quality, correctness, coherence, suitability and revision of the material;
  • the activating and continual maintaining of links with the suppliers of information;formative support for the suppliers and spreaders of the information;


The Regional Staff works within a constant collaborative relationship with the Local Staff and with the APT Servizi (Tourism Promotion Agency Services). It is responsible for the informative content autonomously produced and for the hyper-textual connections activated.

Last modified Jan 02, 2017

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