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The thinking behind the formulation of the rules of the system is based on the responsible and autonomous participation of the bodies involved and on the adhesion to models, uniformly high in quality and information made available by the regional administration which is identifiable by a logo on the consultation site.


The rules laid down aim at ensuring the system an organic dimension which allows both tourists and operators to navigate with ease through the various Local Sites and to find a consistency in the essential information.

In this way, quality models concerning the following have been identified:


  • The standard of information relative to the local data base with particular attention to the means of classifying thematic topics, to the accuracy of description and to the registering of the up-dated material.
  • The standard of information, graphics and navigation for the Local Sites.


In particular, the standards of quality referring to local data bases have been categorised into three levels:


1st Level: the organisation per argument corresponds to an "Information Tree", adopted as a common element, creating a classification system of about 120 items.


2nd Level: this level primarily ensures that the essential elements are present in every small locality. Other aspects are also available for a deeper and more complex request for information which is more specifically touristic distributed according to the characteristics of the territory.


3rd Level: at this level is to be found the distinction between essential elements and enriching information.


Each local staff has at hand, the up-dated material for each sub-group according to the type of data.


The quality of information, via a consistently high standard of graphics, and of navigational ease, is the principal aim of the local staff.


Navigation must follow identical indications in all sites so as to permit the user to reach immediately the desired standardised information clearly and simply.


Once these common criteria have been met, each local staff is free to express its own individual capacity and creativity.


The creation of this project is part of the institutional reorganization of tourism as set out by the Regional Law n. 7/1998.  The operative instructions on the functioning of the regional Informative Tourist System have been grouped together in a unified text, approved by the Regional Committee resolution n. 1340 on 10/9/2007, and integrated by the Regional Committee resolution n. 482 on 20/4/2009.

Last modified Jan 02, 2017

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