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Cerwood – Cervarezza (RE)

Cerwood was one of the first three parks in Italy and today it is the biggest adventure park in Italy with 28 different ropes courses and 10 other adventurous activities.


Located near the entrance of the National Park of the Emilian-Tuscan Apennines, Cerwood awaits you from mid April to November 1 with its 28 fully equipped ropes courses in the Park of the Santa Lucia Springs in Cervarezza. This natural area with ancient beech trees, natural springs and wonderfully scented underbrush is the perfect setting for short walks or just to enjoy the outdoors in the picnic areas.


The six different routes, of increasing difficulty, are designed both for children (8), young adults (14) and adults.  There are also more than 240 games available for having some fun while walking suspended in the air, yet totally safe. Starting in 2016, the new safety system eliminates the chance of falling, with continuous lifelines and smart snap-clips.


For children ages 3 to 8 there is a unique play area with little pedal go-carts, a construction site with conveyer belts where kids can design and build their own little house, a farm with pedal tractors, inflatable games, a huge sandbox, trampolines, and a climbing wall. In the junior play area for older kids, there is a huge net, a pedal go-kart track, boot camp, minigolf and the Tubby Slope for sliding in the woods on inner tubes.


There is a sports area located in a very relaxing part of the adventure park on the other side of a little river.  Here visitors can have fun battling it out in the very colorful Paintball, on the speedball and woodball field, or you can test your skills in archery on the archery field.


The Big Jump is another part that offers three very exciting games: a 15 meter high rope swing, a 13 meter free jump and a very fun climbing wall situated among the trees.


Do not miss the Path of the Gnomes, a fun learning activity, which offers a track where visitors are accompanied by a fairy of the woods and a spiteful elf.  Here explorers can learn all about the little population that lives in this exciting woods.  Another learning activity for schools and groups is “Dedalus atelier of the nature reserve”.  Through the discovery of these diverse habitats, participants will learn about the biodiversity of this park.


New in 2016 is the Bike Center with MTBs for rent, endurance bikes with a Defender and trailer that takes you to the top, and a vast assortment of EBikes with assisted pedaling. This center offers EBike tours for the whole family with or without a guide.


Rounding out the many proposals at the park are the Adventure Stays, two (or more) day stays dedicated to excitement; visitors will be assigned a personal expert guide.  You can also add Canyoning to your stay at the Schiocchi del Secchia and the Pietra di Bismantova.


The Restaurant “del Bosco” (in the woods) brings everyone together with traditional dishes from Reggio Emilia, and they organize theme parties, birthdays and buffets.


Cerwood is a great place for school field trips, team building activities, or any special occasion that you would like to celebrate.  Access to the park is free, visitors only pay for the activities they wish to do.


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Last modified Jun 28, 2017

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