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Esploraria - Zocca (MO)

Located between the valleys Reno and Panaro, in the town of Lame just outside Zocca, is Esploraria, in a cool chestnut grove 830 meters above sea level. This park is synonymous with sports, adventure, and fun for the family where you can try "albering" or mountain biking, climbing or snow-tubing, discover the Magic Woods or get the know the animal world with "Donkey School".

Open from Easter to November 1, access to the Park is free; anyone can enter freely and enjoy the atmosphere of the place by simply walking along paths in the woods and taking advantage of the play areas for small children.  In the Park there are also summer camps and “Sport Adventure” vacation weeks for children ages 8 to 12, as well as relaxing events for parents.


The main activity at the park is “Albering”, a half Italian half English word that was created here at Esploraria and it defines the courses running through the trees (alberi in Italian) with walkways, rope bridges, Burma bridges, lianas, nets, barrels and pulleys.


Through a series of adventurous passages, you can go from one tree to another safely, thanks to your harness being attached to a steel cable, all of which is certified equipment that is very safe.  There are 13 routes, 3 for "baby explorers", 4 for slightly bigger kids, 5 for older kids and adults, and lastly the very popular and extremely exciting 150 meter Super Pulley.

After the emotion of being suspended in nothingness, you can continue climbing on artificial walls, where you can test your skills on three different climbs on seven meters of vertical excitement, all in complete safety.  It is not an activity for beginners: the wall can be climbed even by small children (minimum age of three years old), but the presence of an instructor is obligatory for everyone during opening hours (at 3pm and 5pm).

And then there are many other activities, such as those on two wheels at the Mountain Bike Park that offers trails for all legs!  There is a web of trails with a 17 km cross-country ring leading visitors to some of the most beautiful corners of the Apennines, guided by GPS which is a free service here at the park.

There is also the archery area which will help you become the next Robin Hood, with straw targets and three dimensional silhouettes to help you practice the movement, improve you capability and tame your arrows.

Instead, snow-tubing is summer-winter fun for all ages, thanks to the help of large inner tubes, you can slide down the slope enjoying high speeds and whipping around spectacular parabolic curves, all while being completely safe.

There is also the "Donkey School" which will help kids get to know these animals better, thanks to the Pack Animal Equestrian Environmental Guides.  In the pens in the Park, you will find the very friendly donkeys Riccia (Curly), Castagna (Chestnut) and Betulla (Birch), who anxiously await being snuggled!


In the play area outfitted with every carpenter's tool, parents can accompany children in their discovery of manual construction of games made with natural wood.  And everyone can take home their creations.


After the sun goes down, The Forest Man and the Chlorophyl Fairy will accompany parents and children ages 3 to 7 into the Magic Woods, among the secrets of its tiny inhabitants, the gnomes. An hour of walking will leave everyone’s mouths hanging open thanks to the special effects of flying gnomes, trees that light up and many other surprises. This event must be booked in advance.


At the end of the day, you should have a romantic candlelight dinner among the treetops for an exciting experience in direct contact with nature.

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Last modified Jun 28, 2017

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