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Forestavventura - Pratospilla (PR)

From May to September you are certain to have a lot of fun at the park Forestavventura” in Pratospilla, in the Apennines near Parma. Framed by the peaks of the Regional Park of One Hundred Lakes, surrounded by woods and splendid little glacier lakes, this park is enchanting in every season. It is an area of untouched natural beauty near the ski resorts.



If you are feeling a little like Tarzan and Jane, you can choose among the 14 adventure courses suspended among the trees, suitable for adults, kids and small children of all ages. Zip lines, log  bridges, hanging tubes, rope bridges, and suspended bridges…and many other games. There is so much to choose from to satisfy your need for adventure. Fun, yes, but totally safe! Forestavventura uses harnesses, helmets and certified systems that guarantee 100% safety while at the park.


Adults and young adults must only choose; just follow the signs with the friendly beaver, the Park mascot, who leads the way along different pathways.


Forestavventura PratoSpilla is an adventure park built in the woods near the lodge of the ski station of Pratospilla and has acrobatic pathways in the air that wind through the age old beech trees inside the national Tosco-Emiliano Apennine Park.


The park is organized with the latest safety systems and includes 7 courses for kids ages 10 and up and 5 courses for children between the ages of 4 and 9, swings and a big restaurant area with tables and benches. Swinging through the trees, on zip-lines and log bridges, has never been so easy as it is on the introductory Practice Course. Five different courses divided based on age and skill level for aspiring Tarzans complete the wide range of courses offered. For the smallest guests, there is a choice among the yellow, blue and pink courses. Tibetan rope bridges, suspended tubes, and walkways with rungs or boards are all available for children to enjoy. The green course is for those who want to throw themselves into the fun, among log bridges, beams, Burma bridges and a final zip-line. Watch out for the trap in the blue course, where you cannot go on without getting past the vertical net. And, for the daredevils, there is red course: swings, cable walkways, up to the finale over the peat bog with an almost 100 meter long zip-line, one of the longest in Italy.


The staff, made up of highly specialized personnel trained in the specific skills of rescue instructors of adventure parks, will follow visitors step by step watching over and advising kids on how to do each activity. The Park has 100 kits of equipment (helmet, harness, safety clips, pulleys and gloves) so that 100 people can be on the courses at the same time every half day, for a total of 200 people per day. There are also classes for a minimum of 25 people and a maximum of 100 divided up into a day’s worth of activities. The park is managed by Alessandro and Paola, both helicopter rescue technicians of the Emilia-Romagna alpine rescue, with more than ten years of work experience in adventure parks.

Among acrobatic courses and nature walks, fun is guaranteed: in the summer the park becomes a great starting point for relaxing walks with the whole family or for a guided hike, accompanied by expert personnel.



Well, firstly what is Tree-Camping? It means you can make your childhood dream come true by sleeping suspended among the trees to fully experience nature and the woods.



At this park starting this year it is possible to rent for one or more nights tents suspended among the trees with a bed & breakfast service where you can enjoy magnificent breakfasts in the woods with local natural products, listening to the chirping birds and the gurgling River Spilla. The tree camping area includes: 3 suspended tents that sleep 4 (two adults and two children or three adults) and 2 tents that sleep 2.


Each tent has a wooden picnic table in the area under the tent. The 3 person tents are suspended above a “flying” platform available to guests for reading, talking and enjoying their free time in the heart of our beautiful beech tree forest. At the station of Prato Spilla there are public bathrooms that can be used by guests. There is not a shower. For those who rent a tent, admission to the adventure park is discounted by 5€. Necessary equipment to bring: sleeping bag, safety form, and flashlight.


Rules and regulations of Tree Camping:

You must check-in between 12.00 noon and 6pm. You must check-out by 10am. Breakfast is available from 8.00am to 10.00am at the Adventure Park kiosk.



Price for a 3/4 person tent: € 90 including breakfast

Price for a 2 person tent: € 50 including breakfast




1/2 day: € 35

Full day: € 55

1/2 day with a bike and a guide: € 90

Full day with a bike and a guide: € 200

The park is outfitted with a picnic area and a play area for children near the park kiosk.  Near the tourist station of Prato Spilla, there is a type of hotel-lodge (sleeps 25), café, self-service restaurant (seats 200) and a large parking lot.

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Last modified Jul 04, 2017

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